Military Bans MySpace

While I understand the reasoning behind the military banning MySpace, YouTube and other social networking sites, there’s going to be a lot of backlash to the move simply because a lot of soldiers, at least in the Army, use MySpace to communicate far more than they do regular old email. During my last tour of Iraq, I can tell you without any hype that 90% of the people I knew used MySpace as their sole communication device, and rarely checked email. I only knew one guy who didn’t have a MySpace page, and he’s 50 years old and can barely work a computer.

Truthfully, this is a can’t win situation for the military. They’re going to infuriate a lot of people with this move, and it sure won’t help the morale of soldiers overseas who utilize MySpace for communicating with everyone back home. If they don’t block it, however, the horrible beast of coding that is MySpace will continue to slowly suck down all available bandwidth, making everything slow and preventing those that just use email to communicate with loved ones suffer along with everyone else.

It’s unfortunate that YouTube was included in this block. Again, I understand why, but I know YouTube is a great source of entertainment for the guys over there, and it’s a shame to see it blocked.


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