Scott Stapp Arrested

Is anyone even surprised that Scott Stapp was arrested on domestic abuse charges? Stapp, the former lead singer of one of the worst bands in history, was arrested Sunday after his wife accused him of throwing a bottle at her.

I’ll take any chance I get to pile onto the “legacy” of Creed. I’m not joking when I say they are one of the worst bands in history, and it’s not even a personal opinion — it’s a fact. The fact that Stapp tried to capitalize on the “spirituality” of Creed after the band thankfully broke up, and then proceeded to melt down in spectacular fashion, makes me just a little bit happy on the inside.

As much as I rail on Nickelback for being a terrible band, they come nowhere near the level of suck that Creed attained. Nickelback has figured out a formula that gives them number one singles and sells a lot of records,  and they’ll keep using that formula until people get tired of it. Nickelback at least writes catchy songs with some redeeming value (good harmonies, riffs, etc), but Creed tried to do the same thing, but in a much inferior fashion.


7 thoughts on “Scott Stapp Arrested

  1. mark says:

    Err actually Creed wrote strong rock songs with good melodies, riffs, etc. Nickelback didnt.

    How anyone can make such a ridiculous comment is laughable. Nickelback were a poor mans creed, even if you hated both.

    Fact that they are one of the worst bands in history? You obviously have no idea about music, my friend.

  2. I’d argue with you, but the fact that you say I have no idea about music is laughable, considering that I’m a producer and have been for a long, long time.

    You want facts? Mark Tremonti used the same drop-D chord progression on just about every Creed song. That doesn’t give them good riffs — it makes them copycats of themselves, never daring to go outside of what worked for them in the past. Either that, or he just couldn’t do anything else — and given that he does the same thing in Alter Bridge, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    It’s fun to argue with people who think they know something about music.

  3. Scott says:

    Your Fact = Opinion

    Fact: Creed had 4 number 1 singles on their debut album… the only other band to ever do that… The Beatles.

    Fact: All three of their records and their greatest hits went Platinum. Human Clay went Diamond.

    Your blog kinda blows…

  4. mark says:

    Unfortunately for you, J.Botter, I do know something about music. Having been a guitarist for 10 years and played the piano for 15 years, think I might just know a little about music.

    And Unfortunately for you, the fact that i know something about music means i can discredit your garbage arguments about chord progressions.

    Now Drop D chord progression in itself doesnt say anything about an actual chord progression. So for starters youve fucked up there, mr producer (im guessing not songwriter of any note, then).

    Drop D is a tuning, NOT a chord progression. So my argument that you know nothing about music is kind of held up by this already.

    Secondly, do tell me how this offbeat chord progression from wash away those years:

    Fsus2 D7sus4 Emb6/em Gsus2 D5 Abadd#11 Dminor

    is the same as this one from the chorus of faceless man:

    Csus2 G D

    Never daring to do anything else? so using the phrygian major (usually found in eastern music) based riff for faceless man in the sitar type tuning wouldnt be trying something a little different? Please. see all you creed haters are the same “ooh they just played power chords and used the same progression”.

    That is, frankly, bullshit. Did they sometimes use a samey progression? yes. most bands do. did they always use the same things and never vary them? no.

    And ive seen alterbridge live. For you to say “all tremonti can do is use drop D and play the same chord progression” is laughable. I saw Mark tremonti live and hes an astonishing guitarist, one of the best out there. his technique was awesome, shredding, sweep picking, you name it.

    Mark Tremonti is a highly talented musician and guitarist, of that there is no question. Ive seen it metres away from it with my own eyes.

    and also, chord progressions and riffs are 2 different things. as the guy before said, your blog is foolish.

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