Oh. My. God.


Just when you think you know the rules, they change the game.

Let’s take this point by point; otherwise, my head will explode.

  • Okay, so Jack and Kate (and others, probably) get off the island. Do they get off the island after what happened in tonight’s episode, or does it happen later? Does the series now shift away from the island, or will it be split between those who left the island (Jack, Kate) and those who stayed behind (Locke)? This totally shocked me, by the way, and I did not see it coming in the least.
  • Who is the funeral for? My original guess was Sawyer, but now I’m thinking that it’s Ben. After all, Ben spent his entire life on the island and thus would not have any friends in the real world, so nobody would show up to his funeral. I mean, I guess if things went badly between Kate and Sawyer, then she probably wouldn’t go to his funeral, but I still think it was Ben. I can see Jack having some sort of strange attachment to the man to go along with his newfound Oxycontin and alcohol addictions.
  • What the heck was BIG WALT doing? That kid grew 4 feet in one year.
  • So John Locke is a believer in the island and wants to stay, but not badly enough to kill Jack to ensure that it happens? For about twenty seconds there, I was CONVINCED that John was going to kill Jack and become the leader of the Others.
  • I’m glad Ben’s not dead yet. Yeah, he’s pretty much the embodiment of a raving lunatic (without the raving), but he’s also one of the deepest characters on the show and probably the best actor as well. Besides, killing Ben would mean that we don’t get to explore this whole Jacob thing even more, and that would suck. Although we might not get to explore the Jacob thing now, what with JACK AND KATE OFF THE ISLAND.

I’m so confused. I’ll come back tomorrow afternoon with more theories once I can dream them up.


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