Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End

My review of Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End?


It’s way too long, way too boring, and there’s just not enough Jack Sparrow to make it likable. The last twenty minutes or so are fantastic, but by that point I just wanted the movie to end, as I’d been sitting there bored out of my mind for nearly three hours. I can distinctly tell you about 40 minutes that could have been cut out and not been a detriment to the story whatsoever, and that’s without even thinking about it.

To tell you the truth, I have no idea what really happened through about 60% of the movie. The storyline was convoluted and drawn out, and the whole Calypso thing confused me greatly.

It’s a shame, too. I enjoyed the first movie greatly, but the second two titles in the series were lacking in a bunch of ways, and this is by far the worst. I know they’re going to come back for a fourth flick, and they’d better pick up the ball and trim down the running time, or I’ll be waiting for it to hit on DVD instead of seeing it in the theater.


3 thoughts on “Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End

  1. Pamela says:

    I liked the movie, had no problem with the length, understood Calypso perfectly…and left furious. They had BETTER plan another one to FIX the horrible thing they did at the end of this one.

  2. savanna says:

    wtf. potc 3 was the best freakin movie of the three. all were good but this one was the best. the reason it was so long was because it was complex. u had to pay attention and use ur brain to understand not just sit there at watch like every other movie. and the reason they didnt show much of jack was because he was dead! duh! havent u been paying attetion. obviouly not. and u should be happy the movie was long. that means more pirates. or r u just not a pirates fan. and the title had a lot of depth. at worlds end meant the ending of more than one world. such as the characters and the real world. note: no ‘ in worlds. and the calypso “thing” was part of the plot. every character had his own plot which played a part in the main plot of the movie. and let me help u with calypso. calyso, sea goddess, was davy jones lover before he was turned into that squid thing. she made it so that they could see each other every ten years. but after ten years when he went to see her she wasnt there to met him. so he left her and stayed on the sea. she was put into human form by davy jones and the council. when she finds out it was him that put her into that form she becomes inraged. showing her true form after being released she creates the malestrom, hole in the sea to hell. and another thing. the ending wasnt horrible cuz it means that there is going to be another one. duh! ^^

  3. Mark says:

    Agree – it was on a par with Matrix Revolutions, yes – it really was THAT bad….

    Mega Zzzzzz…..!

    Firstly a plot thats so conveluted and full of minor story-lines that go no-where and related to nothing,
    secondly acting performances completely devoid of any interest – thats right zero emotional interest!
    And finalythe incredibly sllooooow pace
    …oh the pace…Zzzzz….
    And one must add the almost criminal waste of ‘minor’ actors such as Chow-yung-fat (and others)….
    folks who have pretty much carried movies on their own before…(lets not mention Kiera Knightly’s performance…)

    Taking a mogodon overdose while paint dry would be more exciting than watching the doozer…

    Oh a more positive note the popcorn in the theatre was really good..

    (Oh-and less anyone say ‘but it was great’ – the whole cinema gave about 2 half-hearted ooh or laughs in the entire film…it was THAT bad….).

    But as its marketing campaign made it a boat-load of cash, ao Im sure they will make a sequel….


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