Chris Benoit, Family Found Dead

EDIT: I removed Benoit’s picture from here. He doesn’t deserve to have an “in memory of” or anything of the sort. I’ll have another post on the subject sometime soon, since I was apparently very wrong in believing that Chris Benoit was one of the good guys in pro wrestling. In fact, he was apparently one of the worst, but just hid it very well. For now, though, I don’t feel like I could put together a cohesive post on the subject, so we’ll just let it be for a few hours, or days.

I don’t talk about pro-wrestling very much on this blog, mostly because I rarely, if ever, watch it anymore. But I’ve been a fan since I was a toddler, and today’s news that Chris Benoit and his entire family were found dead on their home is very, very tough to take. Benoit has always been known as one of the good guys — someone who didn’t take steroids or do drugs, was a great family man, and gave his all to entertain the fans.

Pro wrestling is a business where a large number of the guys die young, but 99% of the time it’s due to drugs and their own stupidity. Chris was different than those guys, and to see something like this happens just sickens me.

Rest in peace, Crippler. You will be missed.

UPDATE: I’ve got a large number of readers coming to the blog because of this story, so I’ll continue to do follow ups on the news as it breaks. As things stand right now (10:09pm ET on Monday, June 25), police have stated that they’re investigating the Benoit deaths as a murder-suicide, which is not the news I wanted to hear. At first they reported that it was being investigated as a homicide, but that text was changed within minutes to murder-suicide.

10:34pm ET: Fox News in Atlanta reports that police investigators said that Benoit killed his wife and son a few days ago, and then killed himself today. Additionally, more details have been released from Lt. Tommy Pope of the Fayette County Sheriff’s department. Benoit missed several appointments over the weekend, leading concerned parties to ask police to do a welfare check. When police arrived at the home, they found the three bodies. Pope also says that the instrument used in the deaths was located at the crime scene, and that police are not searching for a murder suspect outside of the house.

11:10pm ET: Numerous news stations are now confirming the earlier update about Benoit being responsible for the murders, and WWE.com has posted a news item stating that the deaths were ruled a murder-suicide.

12:42am ET: According to many sources, the Fayette County police are working under the theory that Benoit killed his wife Nancy on Saturday, his son on Sunday, and then killed himself on Monday. Nancy’s body was found in the living, son Daniel in his own bedroom, and Benoit himself was found in his weight room. I can’t read any more about this tonight, so I’m going to bed, but I’ll update it tomorrow morning when I expect they’ll make the official announcement as to the cause of death.


12 thoughts on “Chris Benoit, Family Found Dead

  1. That is so incredibly sad! You never know what demons people carry around with them and it’s horrible to think about what he must have been going through that would push him as far as to kill his family and himself.

    There are no words to express how unfortunate it all is.

  2. After doing a search for the most current news reports, I found one that discusses the possible use of steroids by Chris Benoit as well as a history of possible domestic abuse.

    With these details now coming to light, what saddens me the most are the fans who are now turning their backs on him. There are loads of chat pages that contain posts of people expressing almost down right hatred for this man now that he is being called a murderer.

    I didn’t know who Chris Benoit was before this news broke. When he was alive, I would not have recognized his name from any other stranger’s. Now, in his death, I feel sympathy and pity for him. He didn’t get to this point overnight and those (fans) who loved him most are now not only turning their backs on him but are making him into the likes of a monster.

    I actually feel sorry for him. Like I said before… demons are in all of us. Apparently this man was working hard to keep up the public persona of who everyone thought he was. Now, it’s become obvious that his “perfect/good guy” image was just that… an image… something I’m sure those around him (promoters, etc.) pushed him to maintain.

    Wouldn’t it have been better for him to admit he had problems and perhaps tarnish that image a bit while he was alive than to now have not only a dead wrestler but also a dead child and mother?

  3. Of course we’re turning our backs on him, and I’ll tell you exactly why it’s happening. For over ten years, Benoit was one of the few people that you could point to and seemingly say “THAT is what is good about wrestling”. He gave everything he had to entertain the fans, and he was known as one of the few who didn’t take steroids or drugs and had a loving relationship with his family.

    Turns out none of those things were true. He’s been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. He’s been hit with a restraining order for domestic abuse, and to top it all off, the dude has CASES of anabolic steroids in his home and was sticking his 7 year old son with HGH. And hey, not only that, but he killed his wife AND his 7 year old son.

    One of the main reasons he’s being vilified (besides killing his son and his wife) was that all these years were nothing but a lie. He was supposed to be the best ever in the history of the industry, and it turns out that he’s by FAR the worst ever in a business that is full of scumbags.

    Which is why I don’t watch it anymore. I still tuned in occasionally until yesterday, but that’s it for me.

  4. Woah!! I missed the part about him giving HGH to his son! Then again, I’ve read only two articles. I can’t even wrap my brain around something like that……

    Don’t get me wrong… I understand the anger and, I would guess mostly, the feeling of betrayal. That doesn’t stop me from feeling…sorry?… maybe just pity… for the guy.

    Hiding who you really are and pretending to be something you’re not is difficult. It’s difficult for those who ARE balanced and stable, something he obviously was not.

    So, yeah, he’s a scumbag. He’s a murderer. Killing in cold blood is reprehensible no matter what. Killing a child, much less your own, is despicable and disgusting. People don’t just kill their families on a whim… there was something seriously wrong with this guy… and I think perhaps it could have been avoided if he had gotten help instead of having it hidden from everyone. Being me, I just can’t get the thoughts out of my head that there were people who knew what he was really like, stood to lose a lot of money if the public ever found out, and did what they could to hide it.

    Now, it would seem that WWE has a bigger problem on their hands. Now that their golden boy has been exposed as an imposter, I think there are going to be a lot of fans (like yourself) who will turn away from the sport for good.

  5. With a lot of people in cases like this, there are ALWAYS people who see it coming. There’s always hints of madness lying under the surface, and there’s usually warning signs. With Benoit, NONE of his friends saw it coming, because he kept his private life so well hidden and his past transgressions were buried so that nobody knew about them.

    You’re right — a lot of people, besides myself, are turning their back on the business. I’ve grown tired of watching people I grew up watching on television die before they’re even 50.

  6. kris says:

    am a big fan of the famous wrestler chris benoit and i still do not believe that chris did somethg like this. i watched him since i was young and i love him and i still do.i believed in him and i still do. HE IS INNOCENT. i wished benoit would have been alive because i was watching wrestling only because of benoit, undertaker, shawn and of course triple h.but now i really dont like watching it. so boring without CHRIS BENOIT.
    BENOIT love you, may u n ur family rest at peace.

  7. karu says:

    i want to know the whole truth before criticising benoit. i love watchng him, in fact according to me, he was the best wrestler i’ve ever seen. he is too good and i dont believe that such a loving and wonderful person is a killer.he loved his son too much, so hw can he do somethg like this?
    love you benoit and ur family,
    wished u were alive and would still watch you.
    you are the best.
    i’ve loved watching wrestling only because of you, but now i don;t like it anymore. toooooooooooooooo sadddddddddddddd benoit dead.
    stil can’t believe it.

  8. christina says:

    I still can’t believe that this has happened. The bad thing is we will probably never know what really happened or what could of caused him to do such a thing. I’m just keeping the families of Chris, Nancy, and Daniel in my prayers. If Daniel did have Fragile X Syndrome that can cause a great deal of stress to a family. I have 3 children and my 4 year old Mikey has Fragile X Syndrome. That is a hard thing to deal with. I can’t even imagine the stress that Nancy must of been dealing with considering that Chris was out of the road giving us 100%. Part of me hopes that he didn’t do it and was framed that way they could all be together in heaven.

  9. cartater says:


  10. Beth says:

    I still believe that Chris Benoit didn’t do what they say he did. The investigators have not look for any other aspect. All they cared about was closing the case so they pinned in on Chris. Nobody will ever know what really happened. Chris Benoit was a great wrestler and a wonderful father. What makes everyone think that Nancy was an innocent victim. Everyone knows she was as much into drugs as Chris or any other wrestler. Chris you will be truely missed. Now lets talk about Vince McMahon and the WWE. How could they just forget about Chris. He has made the alot of money over the past 10 years. Vince is a jerk for the way they have taken Chris off the web site and every aspect of the WWE. No matter how hard you try Vince, Chris will never be forgotten. I am glad that Congress is investigating WWE, this is not the first time Vince has been investiaged and wont be the last. You can look at Vince and see that He is also on steroids. Vince, you and your whole family are as much responsible for what happened as Chris in my opinion.

  11. why does it always have to be that we as an American nation are fed a message by our authorities and the masses blindly believe in it. Act smart you fickleminds.

    (a) Beniot did not kill his family
    (b) if he did and steriods are that bad, why did the WWE immediately issued a statement that Beniot’s reaction was not due to steroids?

    I’m a PR professional and i know how corporations manage crisis and twist around messages from harming their corporate image.

    i know more than you all do, but just like everyone is silent, so am i. wanna get clues? dig in:

    – agreed Benoit killed himself and family

    – what about Eddie Guerrero. what killed him? weren’t they both best friends?

    – wasn’t benoit’s professional career deliberately trampled at the feet of Booker T so that his fame is well diluted before fans?

    – British Bulldog. What killed him?

    – Then Mr. Perfect?

    – why is Lex Luger in prison?

    – 4 deaths within half a decade? why?

    – When Bret was invited to make a guest appearance in last wrestlemania, why did he decline? why did he only attend the hall of fame ceremony and told his fans that he was fit and fine, and that he would not proceed any further in the business?

    – is there something that WWE is concealing?

    – the frequent weekly travel that WWE makes, is it involved in drug trafficking itself

    – why doesn’t any wrestler (ex or on roster) ever rise to speak against WWE?

    – what contract terms does Mr. McMahon sign with the wrestlers?

    – what were the basic disagreements between stone cold and mcmahon?

    Till we as a nation don’t start thinking, we’d aimlessly keep losing our sons, brothers and fathers – be it somewhere in Iraq, Afghanistan, or in a basement of our own home.

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