Long time, no blog/talk.

I was in Dallas last week for a conference, which was hurried, but it was still great to get away for a few days. We stayed in the Gaylord Texan, which is an amazingly self-indulgent resort in Grapevine — it’s almost like they grabbed one of those all-inclusive, expensive resorts from an island somewhere in the Pacific and placed it in the middle of Texas. Which doesn’t make much sense, but whatever. Oh, and it’s not all-inclusive, which means that Dad and I went to dinner at places like the Golden Corral, where we’d spend ten bucks on food instead of eating at the hotel, where it would cost us a minimum of 40 bucks per person.

The rest of my time has pretty much been spent in the studio producing/engineering the new Faith West anniversary record. It’s coming along and it’s sounding great, but there’s still a long way to go.

Oh yeah, and I changed the theme for the blog. Hope you like it. I needed something different.