Facebook: Annoying

Facebook is quickly jumping to my “annoying web apps” list. I don’t even have such a list, but if I did, I strongly suspect that Facebook would be making an appearance there very shortly.

Why am I tired of Facebook, when two months ago I was pimping it like there would be no tomorrow? Because I’m very, very tired of getting Facebook application notifications for applications I’ve never installed and never will install.

Seriously — every single time I check my email, there’s at least one email from someone wanting to “ask me a question” or “X me” or “Rate Me” or some other nonsense. I never installed any of these apps because they’re annoying and useless and MySpace-ish, and you’d think that the fact that I didn’t install these apps would indicate to someone, somewhere, that I don’t want to get a constant stream of requests to add them, much less install them permanently.

Facebook has done so many interesting things, and a month ago I was incredibly excited for the Apps feature, but they really need to give me fine-tuned controls over what I want to see and what I don’t. If I haven’t installed an application, it means I don’t WANT to install it, so you can stop sending me constant notifications about it.

Maybe I’m missing something and you actually CAN turn this off? Let me know if I’m wrong.


One thought on “Facebook: Annoying

  1. Matt says:

    I think a lot of folks are getting tired of it. I am too. The whole reason I got an account on Facebook was because it seemed more focused on actual communication as opposed to, well, Myspace user’s generally horrible customization and the whole ‘I have lots of friends’ vibe.

    It seems as though they responded well when everyone hated that mini-feed thing, so I would hope/assume that they will offer controls to turn those notifications off sometime soon.

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