The Bourne Ultimatum

I wasn’t a fanatic for the first two Jason Bourne movies, at least the first time I saw them. Don’t get me wrong — they were very good, visceral action movies with zero special effects and CGI, and I love that in a movie. They really didn’t grab me the first time around, but later on, they truly came alive on DVD.

I can’t say the same for The Bourne Ultimatum. This movie grabbed me from the beginning and refused to let go, with some of the most realistic action sequences I’ve ever seen. Granted, it’s inherently over the top simply because Jason Bourne might be the baddest fictional man walking this planet, but the fight scenes were in-your-face and gritty, and the car chases are incredible.

The only flaw this movie has is the clean ending, where everything is tied up in a nice little package, but without giving anything related to spoilers away, I will tell you that this series is far from over. I have no idea how many Bourne books Ludlum wrote, but I would have no problem seeing a new installment in this series once every two or three years. I used to think that Jason Bourne was like James Bond, only grittier, but now that Bond has taken the same route (no doubt inspired by the Bourne series), I think it’s only fair to say that Jason Bourne is like Jason Bourne, and this franchise should continue forever.


3 thoughts on “The Bourne Ultimatum

  1. suppose says:

    Lot of action, great stories, never a dull moment. I love the Bourne movies.

    A quickie about Brad Lidge. When is he going to get back on track? Gave up a two strike, two out homer last night. A three run job that cost the Astros the game. When are they going to stop giving the ball to Lidge in those situations.


  2. grace says:

    WOW!! a very nice movie
    I love the last one, it was aesome
    I like the first, but this has everything, really good movie.
    jason (Matt) was fantastic, I loved him.. 😛

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