My 2007 NFL Preview

Just so you know, the following information and predictions are likely very, very false and will no doubt prove to be highly inaccurate, but I’m bored and feel like talking some football. I’ve created a listing of what I believe the records will be for each NFL team, and then I do Super Bowl and award predictions below.


Baltimore Ravens: 9-7
Buffalo Bills: 6-10
Cincinnati Bengals: 9-7
Cleveland Browns: 7-9
Denver Broncos: 9-7
Houston Texans: 6-10
Indianapolis Colts: 10-6
Jacksonville Jaguars: 12-4
Kansas City Chiefs: 5-11
Miami Dolphins: 6-10
New England Patriots: 13-3
New York Jets: 8-8
Oakland Raiders: 2-14
Pittsburgh Steelers: 9-7
San Diego Chargers: 11-5
Tennessee Titans: 7-9


Arizona Cardinals: 6-10
Atlanta Falcons: 5-11
Carolina Panthers: 9-7
Chicago Bears: 10-6
Dallas Cowboys: 12-4
Detroit Lions: 7-9
Green Bay Packers: 10-6
Minnesota Vikings: 8-8
New Orleans Saints: 11-5
New York Giants: 7-9
Philadelphia Eagles: 12-4
St. Louis Rams: 3-12
San Francisco 49er’s: 8-8
Seattle Seahawks: 7-9
Tampa Bay Bucs: 10-6
Washington Redskins: 8-8

My preseason Super Bowl pick: New England vs. Dallas. Of course, this is going to change 5 million times and it’s pretty futile to make a Super Bowl pick when preseason games aren’t even finished, but that adds to the intrigue for me. New England was my pick the moment they signed Randy Moss, and Dallas looks like a juggernaut in the making.


MVP: Frank Gore. He’s going to have a breakout year and become the #1 coveted asset for fantasy owners in 2008. I think 1700 yards rushing with 20 touchdowns and 500 yards receiving for 5 touchdowns isn’t out of the question.

Offensive Rookie Of The Year: Brady Quinn. This kid is already poised and prepared, and he’s going to have a great season. He might start out on the bench, but I don’t see it staying that way. He’s going to be really, really good, and a lot sooner than anyone thinks he will.

Defensive Rookie Of The Year: Omobe Okoye. Granted, I don’t know much about the rookie defensive crop this year, but Okoye has looked good in what little action I’ve seen him in. Mostly this is me just tossing out one of the few defensive rookie names I know and hoping it sticks.