This Is Not Good At All

Time reports that most people in the Bush administration expect an attack on Iran within the next six months, if not sooner. The talk stems from the belief that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard is responsible for supplying materials needed to create the explosive formed projectiles (shape charges) that are the primary mechanism behind the IED’s being used against American forces in Iraq today.

Look: I’m all for stopping IED’s. I can tell you from first-hand experience that being hit with an IED is a terrifying experience. The first one I encountered during my deployment to Iraq happened during a convoy from Tikrit to an airfield where our main medical supply station was; the IED exploded into the HMMMV ahead of mine, and to this day I don’t think I’ve regained the hearing I lost in that blast. It nearly blinded the Captain riding shotgun in that vehicle, and it was a sickening, visceral experience. That was before they started using EFP’s as often as they do now, too, and they’re even deadlier.

I want my battle buddies to stop dying overseas, but attacking Iran is not the answer. I’d like to tell you that I knew what the perfect solution is, but I don’t. The truth is that we should be figuring out a way to get out of theater and back home safely instead of planning the next prong of a never-ending war on terror. Which is why I support Barack Obama for President, because he, more than anyone else, seems determined to bring my friends home and stop the never-ending cycle of deployments, lost loved ones, and sadness that it has brought, and continues to bring, to so many people I know.

I’ve subscribed to an RSS feed that lists deaths of soldiers overseas, and every day I read that feed with dread, hoping against hope that I won’t see anyone I know come up. My greatest fear is that I’ll still be subscribed to that feed when I’m 40 years old, still reading about people I served with dying for a cause that doesn’t really even exist anymore.