Fantasy Baseball 2007: August Notes

I’m currently sitting in next to last place in our fantasy league, but I’m not mad. Things are actually looking brighter than ever, and I firmly believe that if I had another two months, I could pull into the top six in the league and make our playoffs. As it stands, however, I’m sitting 25 games out of 6th place and 52 games out of first.

Here’s my team as of today, August 22:


C – Jorge Posada
1B – Dmitri Young
2B – Orlando Hudson
3B – Ryan Braun
SS – Derek Jeter
OF – Aaron Rowand
OF — Curtis Granderson
OF — Kevin Youkilis
Ut – Mike Lowell

Jason Giambi
Jack Cust
Rick Ankiel
Kazuo Matsui


SP – Johan Santana
SP – Fausto Carmona
SP – Scott Baker
RP – Brad Lidge
RP – Takashi Saito
RP – Al Reyes
RP – Trevor Hoffman

To me, I’ve got a sick lineup. I picked up Carmona off the wire earlier this month, and I aquired Saito in a trade for Derrek Lee (which has proven to be a great trade, as Lee has tailed off in a big way the past three weeks).  Obviously, Ryan Braun was the move of the year for me; I read that he was going to be coming up from the minors in mid-May and did some research, finding out that he was a great power hitter, and watched out for him to hit the wire so I could pick him up. I grabbed him and he’s been a starter ever since.

I ended up releasing Roger Clemens, mostly because of my personal dislike for the man. Also, Scott Baker historically has a great final few months of the season, so I went ahead and grabbed him. And I’ve got the nastiest collection of closers in the game, with Lidge, Reyes, Saito and Hoffman.

If I were in a keeper league and had to pick five players to carry into next year, I’d keep Braun, Jeter, Santana, Rowand and Granderson. Braun has been my MVP (and will be a contender for the real MVP award at the end of this year), and I’ve got a group of guys who are going to be absolute superstars within a few years. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help me this year.

Oh well. It was a fun experience, and at least my fantasy football draft is next Sunday. I’m going to rule that league with an iron fist.