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Madden 08: Can’t Connect To EA Server

UPDATE: I now have Madden 08 for the XBO360 and haven’t experienced any problems, mostly because everything is handled via Xbox Live. I’m opening up the comments on this post for discussion of the PS2 server issues; if anyone has any questions or fixes for the issue that they’ve discovered, just post them in the comments below.

So I have Madden 08 for the PS2, and I’m trying to get online to download the latest roster updates and maybe find a game or two against someone. Every single time I try to log in to the EA servers, however, it tells me that they’re down. I get past the DNAS authentication just fine, but it won’t actually log in to the EA server. It’s only the EA servers, too, because I can log in to MLB 2007 Online just fine.

Anyone else having issues with this? I was hoping to find a resolution using Google Blog Search, but every single result I found was spam.

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78 thoughts on “Madden 08: Can’t Connect To EA Server

  1. perkman says:

    I’m having the same problem. I have a PS2 and wasn’t able to connect to Madden 07 since May. I played over 200 games online before that but one day it just gave me the “unable to establish connection to EA servers” message. Now Madden 08 is doing the same thing. I can connect with any other game from other companies. The best you an do is call them and ask to talk to a level 2 technician. I spent many hours on the phone with EA, my router company, and my ISP only to get “elevated” to a level 2 technician by EA and have that technician tell me its a problem on their end. I bought a new wire, a new modem, a new router, a new PS2, a new memory card, all for nothing. The higher technician has access to more information than the reguler EA techs and sees that I get blocked to their servers every time I log on. So he knows the problem, but he hasn’t been able to fix it for me as of October 8, 2007. I’ve been in contact with the level2 guy for over 3 weeks now with no progress but at least he can tell people what the problem is, so you’ll know if it’s on their end or not.

  2. Adam says:

    I have Madden 08 for the wii and every time i play online i connect to someone else but like three minutes later it disconnects and i get the lost. I use a wireless connection and it is “very good” and sometimes “exellent” but it still can complete a game. so can someone help me. Is there anything that i can get to make my connection to the ea sports stronger. because i have heard alot of people finsh games and i want to know what to do. someone please tell me what im doing wrong madden is not that much fun playing alone i like the thrill of playing someone from a different state and beating them. so HELP ME

  3. Joel says:

    I’m also having this problem. I thought I had it resolved as long as I connected my PS2 directly to my cable modem (instead of coming off a port on my Netgear router) but as of today, that is no longer working. I’m sure I’ll try to get into tonight and it’ll work. So, the problem is on their end.

  4. Ryan says:

    Me and my friend have Madden 08 and we live 3 blocks away from each other. we try to get a game going online, we both get into the game but it just shows each others gamertags and the word “none”? I dont understand the problem? I bought the game so we could play each other over the internet but it doesn’t work? I wish i could call someone but i guess this is the only way to possibly get some answers?

  5. Brandon Robinson says:

    I have a slim PS2. I got online to play Madden 07 and i got pass the DNAS authentication but when it get to the EA server it says unable to connect or connection is lost! Can someone please tell me what to do please! What’s the point on buying the games and you can’t play them online!

  6. Same problem here, I have a ps3 but play madden 08 ps2, since the version for ps3 really sucks… so I am able to get online only sometimes.. pass the connection and dnas .. but most of the times unable to log in the ea server.. really frustrating

  7. Jagsforever2k8 says:

    yep…this really having this problem and the only one to have the problem in this league I am in…not good at all..frustrating to say atleast…just gotta keep trying I guess

  8. James says:

    Put your 360, PS2 or PS3 on your DMZ zone on your router. The DMZ zone allows your game station to be open to the entire internet.

  9. Rob says:

    I’m having the same problem with the 360, it come up with the connection failed message. Anyone know what’s going on?

  10. Bill says:

    Same problem here for Tiger ’08 on XBox 360. Hasn’t worked since the day before yesterday. Are the EA servers down?

  11. Hersh says:

    Yeah I’m having the problem for madden 08 on 360, it’s been working till last night. I am connecting at college and I didn’t change anything before it stopped working. Halo 3 works fine, but madden won’t connect to EA server

  12. Jay says:

    The EA servers ard down, it has nothing to do with XBOX. It should be up by tonight. Try around midnight. It should be up. Theres nothing wrong with your connection. If your dashboard shows your online then you are. The problem is with EA. Not You! Give it some time, go play Halo 3 or something and wait it out. 🙂

  13. GBlunted says:

    Hey same thing with me!! I’m trying to play Madden 07 on regular XBox and it signs in to xbox live but won’t connect to EA. This has been going on since last night now! I NEED TO PLAY MADDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. GBlunted says:

    I don’t have any other games except Halo 2 and im over that… and it’s my day off and i just wanna drink this mickey’s and play madden and smoke blunts gawd fucking damnit!!! ITS MY FUCKING DAY OFF!!!

  15. DAEZED says:

    hey im tired of smoking out just to go inside and be told that ea servers are down… i dont want to play anyother games…fix the ho.. it just came out and ]itz already malfunctioning… man hey G blunted wen do u want to get spanked again.

  16. daniel says:

    I have the same problem it goes to the kicker a the start of th game and then says you have lost connection fifa 08 wokrs whats up

  17. what tha f@#k this is b.s,my ps2 cannot connect to my server
    what is going on? i am getting ready to slam the ps2 to the floor,but before i do can someone please help me or tell
    why this happens.

  18. pl says:

    i feel the same way…….it must be the EA servers….i’m tired of playing the comp……need to play online!!!!!!

  19. Look folks, there is a known problem with the PS2 connecting to EA’s servers for Madden this year. There’s nothing we can do about it, either — I posted this blog entry in September, and it’s still happening, so that tells me that EA probably isn’t trying very hard to fix the problem.

    So there’s no need to get upset or destroy a perfectly fine PS2. Do what I did — get a 360, and you won’t have anymore problems.

  20. Vision says:

    How will we know when the EA servers work again? Just keep trying it I guess? (over and over and over and over and over and over with the hopes of it working….)

    = (

  21. nolan says:

    im having this problem with my 360 , on fifa 08 got it 4 xmas and its really starting 2 p**S me off!! it keeps sayin i cant connect to the ea servers and to cheak the ethanet cable. but thre is nothing wrong with it and it works fine for any other game……… if any 1 comes up with a solution and can work it out or just finds that its woking fine for them plese could you just e mail me to tell me thanks (

  22. joel says:

    yeah, i play the game just fine till the first or the third quarter. 7/7 games im up and i Get THE CONNECTION TO THE EA SERVER HAS BEEN LOST. fuck ea. fuck them. i hope their fucking firstborn child gets eaten by a rabid raccoon.

  23. Law says:

    yeah am having the same problem, i have madden 08 on ps2, i have tried both my ps2 and ps3 systems, but the same exact problem keeps happening.I get past the dnas server,then i get the message”connection to ea servers, cannot be established”
    i ahve contacted ea a number of time for assistance , but they keep saying its on my end, or its my isp.This really pisses me off because i can get online with other non- ea games, hell i surf the net on my ps3The only thing that seems to work at times is trying late really ate at nite after 12am.
    Good luck am still trying to get on .

  24. dude says:

    This is a ea problem i have madden 08 on my pc and had nothing but problems. I’ll do a match up and when i try to connect it tells me i can’t connect the server I’ve tried everything on my end there’s nothing else i know to do

  25. Ruff says:

    I am having the same problem…I have FIOS…..

    I have been playing madden since it came out….I think everyone should get in touch with MR JOHN MADDEN ……and give him a piece of our mind….this guy is making mmmmmm off this game…he should at least make sure things are going good for ppl who buy this game & play on-line…….I am just going to keep trying…but if this keep on happening …….I am not going to buy this game any more….it is better playing on-line …..this is how you find out how good you really are…… if any1 come up with a fix…holla @ me…

  26. NotSoHard111 says:

    I buy stock in EASports and Sony. I am so sick of the “Your Connection Has Been Lost” Message that I am considering the 360 and discontinuing my stock holdings.

  27. Just hooked up to DSL(VERIZON) for the first time ever and was so eager to play Madden(07 – ps3) online I was flippin. I got signed up/signed in and ready to play only to get a message I needed to download a update while trying to connect to the ea server. When I click OK to do the download it says the connection has been lost – what gives? Are you guys still having issues with getting on the ea server?

  28. Oh yea, I am hooked up directly from the DSL modem – was able to download the demo for MLB 08 The Show last night but unable to play Madden 07 online – HELP!!!

  29. trenton says:

    my connection on madden and nba live tha last couple days has been messed up. i will get into tha 2nd qtr and then all of the sudden it will say i have lost my connection to the ea servers. any suggestions on what i should do?

  30. kenterry says:

    trying to play madden on 360 get to second qtr, i lose connection to ea server and i get a loss because of the ea server. having this problem for three weeks

  31. The Angry Gamer says:

    I been trying to play Madden on my 360 for almost two weeks now. Every time I reach the second quarter or i’m in the middle of a play, it says you loss connection to your opponent. Neither of us receives a loss because i play my friend most of time so I know its not my fault. My other games work well online so I know there is nothng wrong with my connection. EA you need to look into this matter and start getting your SH!% together.

  32. Mr. Mophead says:

    I’m having the same issue with my PS2. Everything was fine until a few weeks ago. Now I get a “failed to connect” or “opponent left” message. I’ve got a great connection with three green bars, so I don’t think it’s me. This is disappointing

  33. bumpandrun2931 says:

    EA main concern should be with correcting this problem. Why aren’t they correcting this problem with so many and too many complaints?

  34. i hate ea i have it for psp and it wont work it gives me that dumb shit your connection with ea has been lost plz try again fuck this dude i just want to play madden they need to work


  35. crazyMonk says:

    heeeeeeeeeey what the fuck is going on. i JUST wana play my fifa 08 on this fucking ea server ..i gota a xbox 360 this shit started 2 days ago and now every time i try on go online same shit happens…YOU HAVE LOST YOUR CONNECTION TO THE EA SERVERS ……….someone plz heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

  36. Lou says:

    It seems that we all have the same problem, namely that EA Sports sux. I have gotten disconnected on 100% of the games I have played since february, and even in games that I am ahead by 14 pionts I get docked points from leveling up.
    Bottom line EA Sports suck and I will not be buying Madden 09

  37. THis sux balls… ijust want to play fifa but this frieken ea server says… you have lost your connection with the ea server

  38. I get thru the DNA server, and when i press play now it just clocks and gives me the error of you have lost your connection the the EA server(what gives????)

  39. Brian D says:

    im having a problem with madden 08 on the wii, i always log on but 15 seconds l8r it says ive lost connection and if i would like to recconect, but if i try 2 reconect it wont do it.I need help

  40. tomo says:

    my xbox 360 on fifa 08 evry time i go to the lobbys or play ranked matches a screen comes up saying

    ” cannot connect to the EA server and i should check my ethernet card”

    but i can go online on call of duty 4

    why is this any sollution’s ????


  41. spencer280 says:

    im haveing the same problem . but with the burnout rev. . it will not connect to ea server

  42. ck121 says:

    all you have to do is change ur firewall settings for your broadband change it to low or medium and it will work straight away

  43. louis says:

    Im still having problems with the ea servers for madden 08 for ps2. the fire wall is at low and still not working!!! omg this is gay

  44. Tee says:

    I’ve been having this problem for awhile now on my 360. I cant play any other games perfectly fine,i just cant get online and play any EA sports games,i get the same error messages as everyone else,it only happens on EA sports game,it started with Madden 08,so i didnt think much of it,but then i couldnt get on NBA LIVE 08 or NHL 08,i called EA customer support and they were useless and said its a problem with Xbox Live not them and to call Microsoft customer support.

    Like i said this ONLY happens with the sports games from EA.

  45. Splackavellie says:

    I have the same problem,when i try to connect to EA’s servers to play their sports games online against friends,i get the unable to connect message or if i do connect it disconnects me within 30 seconds.Either that or i get the “EA servers are unavailable at this time,try again later”.

    I have no issues or problems with any other game on xbox live just EA’s,i’ve even tried contacting them and posting a thread on their forums but i get no answer or the thread gets deleted,i been a EA sports fan since the 90’s but if this continues i wont be buying anymore of their sports titles.I’ll be renting Madden 09 first to even see if i can connect,if not i wont purchase it ever again.

  46. MAN99U says:

    ****************************STOP THE PRESS*******************************************

    Expect EA’s wrists to be pretty sore on Sept. 1 from all the plugs they’ll have to pull. Forty-two of their titles on systems ranging from the PSP to the Xbox 360 will have online support discontinued next month, with another 7 casualties to follow on Nov. 1. The majority are sports titles like 2006’s Madden, FIFA, NASCAR and NBA Live, but there are a few oddballs like Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects and Burnout Revenge (PS2 and Xbox), which is in the November group.

    We understand that it probably costs a chunk of change to keep all of those servers running, and that’s probably the primary motivation for the move … but we bet EA wouldn’t mind if the cancellation convinced you run out and get the latest iteration of their games. The full list is after the jump, are any of your favorites on there?

    September 1, 2007 Online Service Shutdown

    Arena Football for PlayStation 2
    Arena Football for Xbox
    FIFA Soccer 06 for Xbox 360
    FIFA Soccer 06 for PC
    FIFA06 for PC
    FIFA Soccer 06 for PlayStation 2
    FIFA Soccer 06 for PlayStation Portable
    FIFA Soccer 06 for Xbox
    FIFA World Cup 2006 for PC
    FIFA World Cup 2006 for PlayStation 2
    FIFA World Cup 2006 for PlayStation Portable
    FIFA World Cup 2006 for Xbox
    Fight Night Round 3 for PlayStation Portable
    Fight Night Round 3 for Xbox
    Madden NFL 06 for Xbox 360
    Madden NFL 06 for PC
    Madden NFL 06 for PlayStation 2
    Madden NFL 06 for PlayStation Portable
    Madden NFL 06 for Xbox
    Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects for PlayStation 2
    Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects for Xbox
    MVP 07 NCAA Baseball for PlayStation 2
    MVP 07 NCAA Baseball for Xbox
    NASCAR 06 Total Team Control for PlayStation 2
    NASCAR 06 Total Team Control for Xbox
    NBA Live 06 for Xbox 360
    NBA Live 06 for PC
    NBA Live 06 for PlayStation 2
    NBA Live 06 for PlayStation Portable
    NCAA Football 2005 for Xbox
    NCAA Football 2006 for PlayStation 2
    NCAA Football 2006 for Xbox
    NCAA March Madness 06 for PlayStation 2
    NCAA March Madness 06 for Xbox
    NFL Head Coach for PC
    NFL Head Coach for Xbox
    NFL Head Coach for PlayStation 2
    NHL 06 for PC
    NHL 06 for PlayStation 2
    NHL 06 for Xbox
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 for Xbox 360
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 for Xbox

    November 1, 2007 Online Service Shutdown

    Burnout Revenge for Xbox
    Burnout Revenge for PlayStation 2
    Need for Speed Underground for PlayStation 2
    Need for Speed Underground 2 for PC
    Need for Speed Underground 2 for PlayStation 2
    Need for Speed Most Wanted for PlayStation Portable
    Need for Speed Most Wanted for Xbox

  47. devino says:

    i dont know what wrong with ya’ll game but mine work fine. no problem what so ever. i enjoy mine

  48. CrackHead Phil says:

    i tried ta play Crack Master 09 and in the middle of suckin dick fa some crack my game disconnected

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