Liddell Contemplates Retirement

From the “this is not surprising at all” department: Chuck Liddell, who suffered his second loss in a row in the Octagon this past Saturday night, is contemplating retirement.

According to Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports, Liddell was quoted as saying that he needed to go home and think about whether he wanted to fight again or not. Typically, you’d take words like that with a grain of salt, but Liddell has always been adamant that he’ll be fighting for a long time to come, so to admit that he’s having second thoughts is a pretty huge deal.

Dana White speculated that Liddell may longer have the passion to fight, which seemed obvious to me and anyone else watching the show on Saturday. Light Heavyweight champ Rampage Jackson said it didn’t look like Liddell was willing to stand and trade blows with his opponent, which is the major thing that Liddell made his career doing.

If Liddell is contemplating retirement, I think he needs one more retirement fight: against Wanderlei Silva. It’s the fight that MMA fans have been longing to see, and it seems like it’s in question because of Liddell’s loss to Jardine, but I think they need to make the fight, especially if Liddell is retiring. Announce before the fight that Chuck is retiring and that he’ll be done after the fight with Silva, win or lose, and let him go down swinging against the one man who everyone wants to see him matched up with.