Fantasy Football — Week Four

We’re done with week 4 of the fantasy season, and the turnaround of my team is in full swing. After losing my first two games (badly), I devised a new strategy: instead of keeping my team as drafted at the beginning of the season, I was going to set a few guys aside as “untouchables”, and the rest of the team was fair game for waiver wire moves. I decided to play the weekly matchups instead of just going with the guy with the most talent, and it has paid off in a big way, as I’ve been the highest scorer in the league for the past two weeks and have raised my record to 2-2.

My untouchables, as it stands right now: Joseph Addai, Jason Witten, and Donald Driver. I’ve been able to build around those three guys by playing each weekly matchup; for instance, this past week I picked up Dwayne Bowe in anticipation of a huge game from him this week, and he delivered in spades.

Donovan McNabb has been a disappointment to me, with the obvious exception of week 3. I’ve got Vince Young on my bench and I feel good about starting him in week 5 against the Browns, but I still feel like I need a top quarterback.

Next week I play the top team in our division (the league is split into two divisions), and if I win I’ll be able to pull into a tie for first.