2007 MLB Playoffs: My Predictions

Late September and October are my favorite times of the year for one reason and one reason only: the MLB playoffs. Yeah, my Astros were awful this year, but I enjoy the playoffs every year, regardless of who’s playing and who isn’t. Just witness the wild card playoff game between the Rockies and the Padres on Monday night to know exactly why I love the baseball playoffs.

Without further ado, here are my predictions:


Cleveland Indians vs. New York Yankees — There are literally a million reasons why I should be rooting against the Yankees this year. And I am. But I also want to see Alex Rodriguez do well in the post-season, mostly because he can then opt out of his contract and come down to play for the Astros. Yeah, it’s a pipe dream, but I’m holding on to it for dear life.

Cleveland easily has a better starting rotation with Sabathia, Mien-Wang, Carmona, Byrd and Westbrook, but the Yankees have an intimidating bullpen with Joba The Chamberlain, Vizcaino and Rivera. I think this one will be the closest out of all the division series, but I do see the Yankees moving on to the next round.

PREDICTION: Yankees in 5

Boston Red Sox vs. Los Angeles Angels — The Red Sox have a ton of power, and the Angels play small ball. This should be a fantastic series, and I think it’s going to come down to the fact that the Red Sox are a lot healthier going into the playoffs than the Angels. Los Angeles has several key players injured, and while you can overlook that during a 162 game season, you really can’t do without your best players for any stretch of time in the post season and hope to do well. Boston will take this one in four games to set up another classic Yankees/Red Sox battle.

PREDICTION: Red Sox in 4


Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Chicago Cubs — Man, I hate the Cubs. I might hate them more than I do the Yankees, and that’s saying something. I also think they’re a bad baseball team who barely made it into the playoffs; if they’d been in any other division besides the horrid Central, they’d be home sipping lattes and watching the real baseball teams go to work on television. They slipped into the playoffs by virtue of being the best of a division full of awful teams, and Arizona is going to make quick work of them.

PREDICTION: Diamondbacks in 3

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Colorado Rockies — These are two teams I can get behind. Both of them accomplished so much in even making the playoffs, and the Phils get extra credit points from me just for knocking the Mets out of contention. I love Colorado’s story — they remind me a whole lot of the Astros of the past few years. Do I think they’ll go all the way? Nope. But I do think they’ll continue the magic ride on to the NLCS. This will be the most dramatic series of the first round.

PREDICTION: Rockies in 5


ALCS — New York over Boston
NLCS — Arizona over Colorado

WORLD SERIES — New York over Arizona