Monday Sports Were Awesome

Man, what a night in sports. Or at least in baseball and football, as the Indians clinched their division series with the Yankees with a 6-3 win that wasn’t as close as the score appears, and the Dallas Cowboys made an incredible 9 point comeback in the final 20 seconds to beat the Bills on a 52 yard field goal by Nick Folk.

I actually wanted the Yankees to win the game. As much as I hate the Yankees, and they are indeed the Evil Empire, I love watching New York vs. Boston more. With the Astros out of the picture, there’s nothing I love more than Yankees vs. Sox in the playoffs, and I was hoping to see it one more time before A-Rod packs up his stuff and moves to Houston to play for the Astros (yeah, right). And it’s not so much that I don’t like the Indians; I just don’t care. There’s nothing about them that makes me want to root for them. I realize they’ve got history and they’re the underdog against the Yanks (and the Red Sox), but I just can’t make myself care.

Plus, I was 100% correct on my earlier predictions (as far as teams involved in the next series goes, at least), and I wanted to see that continue.

From this point forward, I’m pulling for a Rockies/Red Sox World Series. Colorado has been a great story, the best in baseball right now, and I’m hoping they can continue the magic carpet ride all the way to a ring.

On another tangent — George Steinbrenner is an idiot if he fires Joe Torre. I know it’s a given that he’s probably going to replace Torre with Donnie Ballgame, and it’s a given that Steinbrenner is an idiot anyway. It’s just a shame to see someone who has won FOUR WORLD SERIES RINGS get fired because his team can’t get past the first round of the playoffs…despite the fact that they are in the playoffs every single year, a position most teams would kill to be in.