Al Gore To Win Nobel Peace Prize?

According to this article by the Times Online, Al Gore is set to be named the 2007 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize this Friday in Oslo.

I’m not sure there’s a better candidate in 2007. Al Gore has pretty much reinvented himself after winning the Presidency in 2000, and there’s a strong base of Gore loyalists who desperately want him to run again this year. He’d be a strong candidate, I think; after all, how many times has a guy won the Nobel and then run for the President? He’d be an instant contender, right up there with Clinton and Obama, and although I’m a strong Obama supporter, I’d much rather have a Gore/Obama ticket than the one I think we’re actually going to end up getting, which will be Clinton/Obama.

I like Al Gore. He “gets it”. He’s concerned with saving the environment and, in reality, saving our entire world, and he needs to be commended for that. I’m not sure that he’s in it for the honors, but this one will look pretty nice on the resume should he decide to concede to his followers and run for the highest office in the land.