iPod Touch: It’s Pretty Much Nirvana

I was on the receiving end of an awesome gift this week: a new 8GB iPod Touch.

I wanted an iPhone from the moment it was announced. Actually, I wanted one long before it was announced, back when it was the hottest rumor circulating the interwebs. Once they released it, I had a serious need to buy one, but put it on the backburner because I didn’t feel like paying $500 for a phone, and I didn’t want to switch from T-Mobile because I’ve been with them (through various iterations) for eight years. I’ve got a phone I’m happy with, so I figured I would wait it out and see what they offered in the form of new iPods over the next year or so.

Luckily, the iPod Touch is an iPhone — the only thing it’s missing is the actual phone features, like being able to place calls and use a data connection from anywhere to surf the web.  I’ve been playing with the Touch all day, and it is a pure joy to use. It feels perfect, the touch screen functionality is incredible, and 8GB is plenty of HDD space for music when you don’t feel the need to put your entire collection on a portable player.

I’ve owned 8 different iPods throughout the years, from a 2nd generation classic to both versions of the shuffle to two versions of the Nano, and the Touch is by FAR the best media player I’ve ever owned. Get one if you can, or ask for it as a gift!


2 thoughts on “iPod Touch: It’s Pretty Much Nirvana

  1. intenz888 says:

    I am with you word for word, this band is going to take the country by storm. I was just at their concert last night in Anaheim at the House of Blues. They are going to be phenomenal. It was their first time headlining last night and its a wonder as to why millions haven’t gotten in line to see them. If you are in the vicinity of one of their concerts make sure to go!! They are incredible.

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