New York City, Day Four

I wake up around 9am. I quickly decide that I do not want to be awake, but I have to be at AdTech by 10, so I drag myself out of bed, splash some water on my face to wake up, and start getting dressed. I then splash more water on my face because the first time around didn’t work. Thus semi-awakened, I finish getting dressed and depart for the Hilton.

I stop at Starbucks on the way to the show. This Pumpkin Spice frappucino thing is becoming a nasty habit, I fear, especially when I have them spike the drink with an extra shot or ten. I can still feel the alcohol in my stomach from Monday night. I didn’t get hammered, but I definitely had a few more drinks than I usually partake of.

Spent most of the morning doing research for the new project I’m working on for the company. It’s an exciting time to be in the business, that’s for sure. I also finagled a press pass to the conference due to my “awesomest blogger in the world” status, which garnered me access to the press room and the virtual cornucopia of delights that awaited within. They had quick wi-fi, awesome catering and a really awesome massage therapist giving out free massages to all members of the press. I wrote up some Ad:Tech coverage for the blog (which will be posted at a later date), and continued to make my rounds.

Bruce, Abishai, Gene and I made our way to Times Square for lunch. We chose a little steak/fast food joint called Tad’s Steaks. It was good for the price, but I would later wish that I hadn’t chosen steak for lunch.

After lunch, we head back to the conference. I spend some time in the press room and some time talking to a few potential clients, but mostly we spend time playing the Wii at the Interwoven booth. I think I have developed “wii shoulder”, which is what happens when you’re playing wii sports too often.

At 5pm sharp, Mike gives the order to tear down, so tear down we do. It takes about 20 minutes to put all our stuff back in the boxes it shipped in, and then we say our goodbyes to everyone from the booths surrounding us. We’ll see em’ again in six months at Ad:Tech San Francisco.

After the Ad:Tech wrap, we went out with Sam, Divya, Patricia and Sarah from Swish. They treated us to an absolutely fantastic meal at a Brazilian steakhouse; I can honestly say that it was the best food I’ve ever had in my entire life. I ate until I felt like I was going to explode, then continued to ignore that sick feeling in my stomach and ate some more. I followed up all the stomach exploding with desert, which was followed up with an incredible glass of port wine, some espresso, and then MORE dessert, but this time with a sparkler on top. Yes, Divya and the Swish folks told the eatery that it was my birthday (technically, my birthday was yesterday, but we’re splitting hairs), so they brought out ANOTHER dessert. By this point, I can barely breathe and feel like I’m drunk with food intoxication.

After multiple desserts and glasses of both port wine and excellent espresso, we leave, making our way to Habibi Lounge. This is a hookah lounge, and it’s pretty awesome. They’re doing some type of photoshoot featuring amazingly tall and exotic women wearing mostly leather, but our group stays to ourselves. We partake in a little hookah and I have a drink called an Arabian Night, which is bright blue and I can only assume is filled to the brim with pure cane sugar. Everyone decides to call it a night, so we somehow squeeze five people into a taxi and head back to the Hilton, where we leave Divya. The rest of us walk back to the Wellington and call it a night. I fall asleep quickly.


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  1. Abishai Gray says:

    Dude! Words can not do justice to the overwhelming dinner experience. I honestly was not prepared for the meal. I had a long island ice tea to start off the dinner. It was amazing! The wine didn’t sit as well. It was definitely good quality, but I’m not much of a wine drinker. I have to say, though, that the lamb was by far the best item on the plate. The only thing I regret is not eating more of the sushi at the salad bar. And, to top it all off we had such good company! Next time someone should take pictures.

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