Obama/Clinton = Ali/Frazier

This race is truly historic. I’m an unabashed Obama fan and am pulling for him all the way, but watching this nomination process is like watching the buildup for a UFC fight I’m excited about, like Couture/Sylvia or Liddell/Silva. There’s emotion, there’s fantastic speeches, there’s comebacks every night — this is one of the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen.

Now that I’ve said that, I hope Obama is able to pull away. I’m shocked that Clinton won tonight because I figured Obama had it completely wrapped up after Iowa and it’s cool to see such a great political war, but I’d much rather rest easy knowing that Barack will be the Democratic nominee come November.

Also: the sweater that Clinton’s public relations director is wearing on MSNBC right now is so ugly, it’s downright offensive. I’d never let him go on the air wearing that thing and she should lose the race just because of it.