The PepperJam Network

I’m starting to get addicted to affiliate marketing. The company I work for specializes in it, but until last week I was simply handling the graphic design and web design end of the business. On Thursday, my boss put me in charge of developing a new blogging arm of the company, and I spent my sick weekend laid up in bed, reading everything I could about marketing and monetizing on the web.The first affiliate network I’ve joined is called PepperJam, and I honestly hope my experience with other networks is as simple and refreshing as PepperJam.  Your affiliate account area is just brilliantly designed and layed out; when I log in to the backend, I can see my reporting on the front page. I don’t have to drill down or go through 200 links to find what I’m looking for — everything is easily available on the front page of my account.They’ve got a bunch of exclusive offers, too, and it’s worth taking a look at. Even if you’re brand new to the world of affiliate marketing (like me), a sign-up with PepperJam is the perfect place to start.  You want to make money online? Might as well dive right into it.Join PepperJam Network today!