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My Affiliate Summit West Schedule

This will be my first year at Affiliate Summit, and I’ve put together a little calendar of the events and panels I’ll be attending. What does your schedule look like? Do you prefer to play it by ear, or do you plan out everything you want to do? I’m sincerely looking for feedback here, because it’s my first year and I want to make sure I get to attend everything on my list, but I also want to maximize my networking opportunities.


  • Arrive in Las Vegas


  • The Partner Maker Cocktail Party


  • Meet Market: 12pm-6pm
  • Shareasale Party


  • Jason Calacanis Keynote
  • Will Reynolds on SEO
  • Affiliate Bash
  • LeadFlash party


  • Ask The Experts panel
  • Super Affiliate panel
  • Flight back to Houston

Obviously, I have not included times of just walking around the conference and networking, but I wanted to give a general overview of my plans for the weekend.


One thought on “My Affiliate Summit West Schedule

  1. Hope you have a great trip in Las Vegas. I will be attending in Santa Clara, an affiliate program in Feb. and really looking forward to it. Well you and I both will be learning a lot at the open conference. Looking forward to reading what you find out at the conference!

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    To your success and have a great day!

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