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Affiliate Summit on Twitter

See, this is smart: the folks from Affiliate Summit have created two AS Twitter accounts. The first is a general info Twitter, with news and real-time info. They’ve got an incentive for people to follow that Twitter account, as well; they’re going to randomly send out directions to everyone following them on Twitter, and the first person to arrive at the destination indicated by those directions will get $100 in cash. Yeah, I already followed them and turned phone notifications on.

There’s also the ASW08 Twitter account, which is a group account. Anyone who puts “asw08” into a tweet will automatically have their tweet included on that page, which means that anyone who follows that account will get their message. It’s a great way to keep up on parties, giveaways and good keynote and class times. And yes, I followed this one with my phone as well.

It’s good to see the guys from Affiliate Summit using powerful tools like Twitter to communicate. This is my first Affiliate Summit, and I already feel a little bit at home due to the Twitter usage and all of the podcasts done by Shawn Collins and crew. It’s going to be fun.

Anyone want to follow me on Twitter? Here’s my URL.