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Landed In Las Vegas

We landed in Vegas about 30 minutes ago, grabbed our bags, and now we’re waiting by baggage claim for the rest of our crew to get here. We were all supposed to be on the same flight, but something happened in the confirmation process and so Mike and Khalil had to find another flight. They shouldn’t be too far behind us, but I thought I’d take a few minutes and catch up on some blogging and emails while I’ve got time.

Tonight we’re headed to one of the world’s famous Las Vegas buffets for dinner, and then I’ll probably do some walking around the Strip and take pictures. I’ll be making a new set on my Flickr account for my Vegas photos, and I’ll post a link to them as soon as I have some photos up. Outside of that, I don’t think we have any plans for tonight, so I’ll probably relax and play some penny or nickel slots.

I’m not a big gambler whatsoever; I like my money and I prefer to keep it. Yeah, I know there’s a chance I could make a lot MORE money by gambling, but there’s also a chance I could lose the money, and I’m the type of person that would rather not take chances with my cash. Which is why you’ll only find me playing the penny and nickel slots. I love slot machines and playing the cheap ones pretty much guarantees that I can play a long time with no worries of losing a ton of money. And hey, I think my mom actually won $300 one night on nickel slots…which I’d be perfectly happy with.

Tomorrow morning is Affiliate Manager Live Training. Affiliate Summit proper doesn’t start until Sunday, but I’m going to assume that we’ll be setting up our booth and taking care of some odds and ends and networking tomorrow.

I’ll check back in later. I’m constantly updating my Twitter, so if you’re looking for lots of updates it would be in your best interest to follow me on there. I’m going to try to do at least one blog post a day (to point you towards new photos, if nothing else), but my Twitter will be updated at least 20 times a day. Chase also has a Twitter account, so follow him as well (if he can figure out how to use it).