Oscar Thoughts

Since I’m feeling very much into bullet-point lists today, here’s another: my post-Oscar awards thoughts.

  • It was totally amazing to see Diablo Cody win Best Screenplay for Juno. Juno is like the little flick that could, one of the biggest independent movies of all time and my favorite film of 2007. The screenplay was absolutely perfect and really resonated with me on a lot of levels. Diablo winning Best Screenplay has to be considered an upset, not because it wasn’t deserving (because it totally was), but because it was up against some very stiff competition in the category. I had actually hoped it would win Best Picture, but I knew it stood zero chance against There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men.

  • Why wasn’t Jonny Greenwood’s score for There Will Be Blood nominated for Best Score? That seems almost criminal to me, because no other film had a score that accentuated the feeling of the film more than There Will Be Blood. Greenwood has a great career in Radiohead, but something tells me that he’ll be highly in demand for future film work.

  • A great Oscar moment: Jon Stewart bringing Marketa Irglova out for her speech after they cut her off during the acceptance speech for Best Original Song. This was a nice moment and something that usually doesn’t happen.

  • Daniel Day-Lewis is in a league of his own when it comes to acting.

  • Amy Adams is a delightful young woman. She’s beautiful, she can sing, and she comes across as a really sweet, down to earth girl. She’s also a redhead, which pretty much puts her in the running for The Most Perfect Girl Alive Today.

  • Ratatouille should have been up for Best Picture, so a win in the Best Animated Feature category was a given. This is my favorite Pixar film of all time; it’s not the funniest, but it IS the best-written and executed animated film I’ve seen.

  • It would have been a travesty of the highest order if anyone other than Javier Bardem won the award for Best Supporting Actor. That’s a role and a character that just sticks with you, and Bardem was so freaking incredible. More on that in a second, though.

  • And in the Best Picture category: my goodness, what a shocker it was for No Country For Old Men to take home the Oscar! To me, it seemed like There Will Be Blood was a virtual shoo-in for the award, and I always thought that was unfortunate. There Will Be Blood was definitely an interesting movie; the acting was superb across the board, the cinematography was stunning, and the score (as I previously mentioned) was perfect, but I just didn’t GET the movie. Didn’t understand it. I waited for months to finally see it in a theater, and when I was finally able to see it, I walked out of the movie at the end not really knowing what I’d just seen. I still don’t know what the point of the flick was. Yes, Plainview was a bad man, but was that the entire point of the movie? Usually there’s a moment of redemption for characters like Plainview, and that never happened; the dude just got worse and worse, and then the movie ended with him murdering a preacher on cold blood as an old man.

    It was a strange, strange movie, and so I’m thrilled that No Country won the award. No Country was a fantastic flick with one of the scariest bad dudes I’ve seen in a movie in my entire life. He was so terrifying, in fact, that I was creeped out by Javier Bardem when he accepted the award for Best Supporting Actor. The lack of music or score in the film made it all the more intense, and everything about it was just absolutely perfect. As I said above, I would have loved to see Juno take home the Oscar, but I knew it didn’t stand a chance, and so I’m glad that No Country won the award over There Will Be Blood.

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