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Fantasy Baseball 2008: Opening Post

I’m a huge baseball fan. It’s easily my favorite sport, and the months during the offseason often seem longer than any other time of the year. Fantasy baseball is also my favorite fantasy game. Every year, I spend at least a month doing research for my team; this year, I’m doing a bit more than usual and trying out some new strategies.

This year, I’m playing in a rotisserie league, which is new for me. Typically, I’ve played in head to head leagues, but I’ve always wanted to play rotisserie. It’s also a keeper league, so I’m pretty stoked about it.

In the past, I’d simply buy a few fantasy baseball magazines and read them cover to cover, and then devise my own rankings from them. This year, I’m playing a a different hand: I’m going all stats, all the way. I started reading Bill James last year and started digging the stats end of things. While I’m no mathematics wiz and I’m far from a sabermetrician, I’m still finding myself loving the concept of giving weight to stats in baseball. As a kid, I used to love baseball stats and I’d read the back of the baseball cards I collected with religious fervor, so I guess this is a natural progression, albeit one that hasn’t surfaced in 20 years.

To that end, I bought a one year subscription to Baseball Prospectus, and I spent the past two hours just going through the amazing archives they have available. The fantasy section is absolutely stunning, and it’s completely changed the way I’m planning my draft. I’m going through the PECOTA projections right now and picking out some potential breakout players to keep my eye on as the season progresses.

I know there’s not much meat to this post, but my draft isn’t for two weeks, and I know a few of my fellow league members read my blog, so I’m not giving anything away. 🙂 I’ll continue to update this blog with notes from my fantasy league over the rest of the season.