July Can’t Get Here Fast Enough

I’ve made it no secret that I’m counting down the days until The Dark Knight is released this summer. Heath Ledger was one of my favorite actors, and from everything I’ve heard from people who have seen portions of the film, his performance in this flick will stand alongside his work in Brokeback Mountain as the best of his career.

Clips of the film were screened for theater owners today at ShoWest, including the 7 minute opening bank robbery sequence which I saw attached to the Imax version of I Am Legend late last year.

The last time producer Charles Roven saw Ledger was when he showed the actor the very footage that was screened at ShoWest.

Fans have been buzzing over the anarchic style Ledger brings to the role in the movie’s trailer, but the actor himself was utterly taken by what he saw of himself on screen, Roven said.

“He was just blown away by his own performance,” Roven said. “He said, `Can I see it again?’ So he was really, really thrilled.”

Batman Begins might be my favorite comic book flick of all time. Christian Bale is the best Batman yet, and Christopher Nolan is an absolute wizard of a director, so I can’t wait to see what happens when the uber-talents of those two are crossed with Ledger.

One thing is for sure: if there’s a midnight showing of The Dark Knight, I’ll be there with bells on.