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SNL Is Worthless (And Other Thoughts)

I’m bored, so I’m giving you some late-night bullet points while I wait for my Easter Sunday clothes to dry:

  • Someone needs to cancel Saturday Night Live. I know they’ll likely never pull the plug on the show, but it’s horrid and anything else not named SNL would have been canned a long time ago. I’m watching the replay of the Tina Fey episode, and I’ve yet to laugh a single time. Tina Fey is typically a hysterically funny woman, too, which leads me to believe that it’s the fault of the show writers and not the actors. Sure, there’s bright spots here and there; Andy Samberg’s Digital Shorts are almost always pretty funny, but there’s nothing else on the show that has any value. What they really need to do is cut the show down to an hour. By doing so, they’d get rid of the chaff near the end of the episode and theoretically leave only the strong skits, which would make for a better show. As it is, the show is horrid and a complete waste of time, and I’d be shocked if ProElite doesn’t pull a few hundred thousand viewers away from SNL when it debuts on CBS in May.
  • I went to the Houston Rodeo on Thursday night and ate a lot of food that was really bad for me. The final tally: cajun fried shrimp on a stick (amazing), two fried boudain balls (superb), a fried chicken tender on a stick (the best chicken I’ve ever had in my entire life), fried Oreos (shockingly awesome), grilled corn, and fried cheesecake on a stick (might have been the best thing I’ve ever eaten). I probably gained 4 pounds, but it was well worth the extra time I’ll have to put in at the gym to work it off. The fried Oreos and fried cheesecake were freakishly tasty; both were fried in funnel cake-like batter and covered in powdered sugar. The food was the only reason I even went to the rodeo in the first place. We did see Dierks Bentley and he re-affirmed my belief that he’s one of the only good things in country music today. Great performance of great songs, and the lead guitarist played the same Robin guitar that I have. He’s got good taste.
  • My fantasy baseball draft is tomorrow night, and I’m really pumped for it. I think I’ve done more research for this draft than I’ve ever done before, and the end result is that I’m more excited about actual baseball games being played than I’ve ever been. I’ve got a strategy that I’m going to implement this year that has found a lot of success in pro fantasy leagues; I’ve got no idea if it’s going to work for me, but I knew I had to have a gameplan going into the draft and make pointed picks rather than just scattering across the board. I’ve done 6 mock drafts and I’ve been able to figure out when I need to reach to get the guys I want, and I’m using several tools (most from Baseball Prospectus) that should give me a significant advantage in this thing, at least when it comes to the draft itself. Sorry to be so cryptic, but I’ve got a few guys in my league who read this blog and I don’t want to give away my game plan before the draft starts. I’ll post my draft results tomorrow night.
  • Some of my regular readers will recall that I’m now in charge of our search marketing efforts at my company. This past week was the start of some of my new campaigns, and I absolutely got killed. I didn’t get killed in terms of conversions — the few clicks I received actually converted — but the main problem is that I’m just not getting many clicks. My CTR is roughly .5%, which is obviously terrible. I’ve got two campaigns that are long-tail oriented, where I’m using great niche keywords, getting a Great quality score, averaging around position 2.5 and seeing plenty of impressions (around 8,000 per day total), but I just can’t get people to click on the ads. Granted, I just started doing this and I still have plenty to learn, but it’s frustrating to feel like you have good ad copy and still not get the clicks you want. I’m doing lots of split-testing, trying to find the perfect ad copy, but it’s really tough to not give in to the urge to just scrap the ads completely and start fresh. Anyone out there have PPC experience and feel like giving me some tips? You can leave a comment or send me an email (take the X out of the address to get in touch). Regardless of the current results I’m seeing, I LOVE doing this job and can’t wait to learn more about the business of search marketing and PPC.

Well, the clothes are finished drying, and I’m going to hit the hay. I’ll post my fantasy baseball draft results tomorrow night, and stay tuned over the next two weeks for an announcement about my newest blogging project — this one is related to the affiliate marketing industry, it’s 3 months in the making, and I can’t wait to get it off the ground. Have a safe and joyous Easter and I’ll talk to you soon!