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Rock Band Updated

Rock Band is almost certainly the ultimate party game.

My mom bought it for me for Christmas, and it’s been an endless source of entertainment ever since. It’s the first game in the history of video games that has been able to get my entire family to sit down and play together.

Wil Wheaton has a few notes today on Rock Band that I thought were interesting. They updated the game last week to fix a few things that have irked people since the game was released — mostly notably the cap on the amount of fans you can gain at lower difficulty levels.

To unlock new venues, your band must amass a certain number of fans. The number of fans you gain each gig is determined by the difficulty level of each member of your band, so you reach “fan caps” where the game comes to a halt until you can successfully play at a higher difficulty level. For some players, this isn’t bad at all, and is a good motivator to try harder levels. For casual players, though, it totally sucks.

I think I’m going to start playing career mode on drums, which I’ve never really done. I can play guitar on expert on every song on the game, but I want to get better at the drums and while I can play almost every song on medium, that’s just not nearly as much fun as it is to play on the harder difficulty levels. The harder you get on the drums, the more akin it is to playing real drums. I’m not saying that playing Rock Band drums will make me a fantastic drummer in real life, but it will certainly help me more than playing the guitar will.


2 thoughts on “Rock Band Updated

  1. It’s still fun to play it in solo career mode, Trish. I mean, it shines the brightest as a party game, but in career mode you can play through the whole game on guitar, drums, bass and vocals, which gives it a very, very high replay value. Plus, you have four difficulty levels to choose from on each instrument. And if you have Xbox Live, you can party up with other people and form a band online to play. And hey, if you DO have Xbox live, add me as a friend and I’ll start a band with you!

    I’ve had it for 4 months and have only gone through the career mode on guitar on Hard and Expert, so there’s still a lot left for me to do. I’d highly recommend getting it!

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