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Zach Feinstein: The Best Non-Player in the Upcoming NBA Draft

Zach Feinstein, a junior from Washington University, declared for the upcoming 2008 NBA draft. He’s been interviewed on radio stations and given press from guys like Henry Abbott of TrueHoop (the best basketball blog on the web).

The catch? He has no basketball experience or skills.

Zach is 5’8″ and 130 pounds, and the last time he played basketball was the 3rd grade. Like many jokers around the world, Zach declared for the NBA Draft this year, but no one else has ever been as funny while doing it. His website, DraftFeinstein, is chock full of hilarious information that you’d be hard-pressed to find on the scouting reports of other draftees this year.

Things such as:

  • Strong decision making skills. Brilliant basketball IQ.
  • No actual basketball skills, ability or experience.
  • FG: 20%
  • Rebounding: only to get over Sarah.
  • Steals: like a Times Square Rolex.

Zach was interviewed by John and Lance this morning on 1560 The Game (the best sports station in Houston, bar none) here in Houston, and I laughed so hard that I nearly wept. I’ll post a link to the interview once they put it on the podcast channel, but go check out the website and peep this interview with Zach from Hugging Harold Reynolds in the meantime.