On Soccer and Go Turkey

I started watching soccer about two weeks ago. Seriously. I’ve never understood the game, and thus it seemed very boring and tedious to me.

Two weeks ago, however, my buddy Khalil explained the rules and strategies to me, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I can tell you that the amazing story of Turkey plays a large role in my newfound soccer fandom; the Turkey/Russia match was literally impossible to watch without being absolutely hooked. The drama in that match was tangible and on par with anything I’ve seen in true American sports in my entire life.

I’ve tried watching Major League Soccer in the past, but it’s just not the same. From what I understand, the level of play in the MLS doesn’t compare to the rest of the world. I guess that’s probably true, since soccer falls somewhere around the bottom of the importance list when it comes to sports that we Americans care about. I also understand that soccer is truly great when nationality is involved, such as the current Euro tourney or the World Cup.

One thing is true: I’m looking forward to the World Cup much more than I am any other single sporting event over the next year. I pretty much owe my soccer fandom to Turkey and Russia, and I’ll be cheering Turkey on today as they take on Germany as heavy, heavy underdogs in the Euro semis.


2 thoughts on “On Soccer and Go Turkey

  1. True, the MLS isn’t the best league in the world, but it does contain a lot of talent. People who scoff at it usually do it to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities. Still the best leagues are in England, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy. All other leagues in the world fall behind those in money spent on players and talent on rosters. I’ve pretty much watched as much soccer as anyone in the past five years and you can get plenty out of watching MLS or the Mexican Football League. Also the US National team continues to improve as more players are being given contracts to play overseas.

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