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I’ve only been watching soccer for about a month, but I’ve become a huge fan. As I explained in post last month, I never understood the game, so I considered it boring and tedious and not all that much fun to watch. My bud Khalil took some time to explain the rules to me, and I started getting into the Euro Cup. My cousin Bryan has spent some time explaining the game in even greater detail, and I’m now completely hooked. I bought FIFA 2008 for the 360 and have spent almost every free minute I have playing the game, and I also subscribed to the Fox Soccer Channel so I’ll be able to watch the Premier League when it revs up next month.

The thing that’s hooked me the most, however, is Trophy Manager. TM is a fantastic football (soccer) management simulation that takes place online. You control every facet of your team, and it’s completely engrossing. Go sign up and challenge me to a friendly!

With that in mind, I wanted to make two notes tonight:

  • This Saturday, I’ll be attending my first professional soccer match. Actually, it will be my first soccer match of any playing level. I’m attending a SuperLiga game this weekend as the Houston Dynamo take on Mexican team Altante. I’m pumped. Bryan and I might even head out to Robertson stadium a little bit early to catch the Dynamo youth team. I’ll be taking my new Creative Vado camera with me, so stay tuned for some YouTube-y goodness from the game.
  • I’m currently in the process of deciding which Premier League team I will throw my support behind. Early front-runners are Chelsea and Arsenal; Chelsea because they are the only team I seem to be able to win with in FIFA 2008, and Arsenal because I love the name of the team. The problem, however, is that both of these teams are big spenders, and I’m not sure I want to support a front-runner from the beginning. Bryan supports Everton, so I have to pick someone else. I can’t support Tottenham because they have “Spurs” in their nickname. Wayne Rooney is one of the coolest dudes in the world and a scary, scary man, but I can’t support Manchester United because they are akin to the Yankees of MLB. Plus, everyone else in the world cheers on Manchester United, and I don’t like going with the flow.

I may do a blog post later in the month where I list the pros and cons of each team, and then announce my decision. It’s the only real way I’m going to be able to figure this out.


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  1. Just letting you know Drogba and Lampard both want out of Stamford Bridge….. also the Russian owner of Chelsea just bought a house on the French Riviera for 250 million Euros!



  2. sidereal says:

    Premier league suggestions for those who like underdogs with a shot:

    Newcastle, although the problem here is that you have an ownership and franchise that believes they really are a top-5 elite team and they’ve just been unlucky, so their spending and priorities are all out of whack (like they hold onto aging marginal players and they fire managers every 3 months if they aren’t at the top of the table). But good history and they’ll eventually figure it out. And I really like Obafemi Martins.

    Reconsider Tottenham. Yes, ‘Hotspurs’ sounds like the dance club across the street from the Blue Oyster Bar, but you get over it quickly. Berbatov’s a great striker to watch, Gareth Bale (who was out all last season with an injury) is a great young player, and the bookies have them as the best team outside of the perennial top 4 (ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool) next season.

    Middlesbrough. Southgate is a cool manager and they’re considered sleepers next season. Not an option if you also pick Newcastle.

    Liverpool. Not an underdog, but if you’re looking at Chelsea, then you’re not committed to underdogs. And Torres is fun to watch.

    Another thing to consider is the style of play you like. Some teams and managers like to move the ball around more and play through balls, others drop lots of crosses in for headers, others play very defensively and counterattack, etc.

  3. And I wouldn’t be mad if you decided to follow Everton..! but Tottenham is a good club.. and everyone loves Newcastle fans…ok, maybe not.



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