Liveblog: Hurricane Ike

Well, there’s not much to do today except wait for this killer “storm of the century” to make landfall and smite us all. I figured I’d put my boredom to use, and do a little liveblog on Ike.

2:03PM: Nothing much going on. The skies are slowly turning gray, and the scenes from Galveston are already looking pretty bleak — and the hurricane hasn’t even hit yet. And to think I was just there two weeks ago.

4:57PM: I fell asleep watching CNN’s coverage of the storm. I’m waiting for the really frantic stuff to happen, where a CNN reporter is hanging from a tree that is dangerously close to snapping from the wind while trying to talk over 100mph winds. Those are always my favorite moments. It’s getting a little windy outside, but nothing major yet. I finished tying down everything this morning, but decided against boarding up the windows. I also made sure to park my car on top of a hill by my house, so I don’t come out tomorrow morning and discover that my car has suddenly decided to become a boat.

5:17PM: I just saw a report that said the Kemah Boardwalk will likely cease to exist after tonight. That’s one of the coolest places to visit in this town, and I’ll be sad if it’s destroyed. Also, I’m shocked that approximately only 40% of Galveston residents have left the island. These people are idiots, and they’re going to be under 25 feet of water. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to stay behind, although I’m tempted to go down to Galveston and watch it myself. Hurricanes are one of my favorite things on this planet, and I don’t know why.

5:49PM: I wish I had some windsurfing gear. My house is on a small lake, and I could really do some damage out there right now. That is, if I knew how to windsurf.

5:58PM: Going outside to shoot some video. Will be up on my YouTube channel soon, unless the power goes out (which it probably will).

6:03PM: Okay, this video is not very exciting at all. The trees are rustling a little bit, and that’s about the extent of it. I’ll get some more video after midnight tonight.

6:23PM: The winds just picked up quite a bit. My house is rumbling. Here comes the fun.

6:35PM: They just announced that a 10 year old boy died when the tree his dad was cutting down (to prevent it from falling on the house) fell on him instead.

8:15PM: Winds are picking up heavy now. I know it’s going to be far, far worse about 3 hours from now. Good thing I have storm windows.

8:55PM: I’m about to crack open a bottle of wine, sit on the porch and watch the storm roll in. At least until it blows me away.

9:31PM: Phones are now dead. Power is going off around town, but mine is still on. I don’t think it’ll last past midnight, though. The wind is really picking up. I shot this video outside a few minutes ago:

10:05PM: Some guy is giving a press conference, and it’s on every local station. I have no idea what he’s talking about, but it sounds bad. All I know is that I saw a video of an alligator swimming up a street in Galveston earlier. If that happens here, I will be climbing on top of my house.

10:35PM: A young lady from Galveston gave birth to a baby in a shelter. That’ll make for one heck of story when that kid gets older.

10:46PM: Okay, the wind is blowing pretty hard now, and we’re not even remotely to the worst of it yet. That won’t happen for another hour or so, but my house is already shaking, so I am dreading what the worst will look like.

10:55PM: Josh wants to drive to Galveston. I’m strangely interested in doing this.

11:21PM: Lightning flashes are filling up the sky outside. Absolutely no rain yet, but I’ve heard that it’s starting to rain in downtown Houston, which means it won’t be long before it hits us. Tornado warnings are sounding. A guy on the Weather Channel said that he just saw a tree fly by him. To me, when you see trees flying around, that’s just a sign that you need to go inside and go to sleep.

11:28PM: Geraldo fell in the water. Easily the highlight of today’s newscasts for me.

Video taken at 11:30pm. Winds starting to blow heavy now.

11:45PM: My house is shaking. Let the fun begin.

12:18AM: And yes, the fun has begun. A big tree branch just broke off my main tree and landed on my house, scaring me half to death.

Video taken at 12:18AM.

12:59AM: Here she comes. The rain is falling fast and steady. I tried to open the front door and the wind threw the door open so fast that I nearly got knocked out.

1:25AM: It looks like the eye of Ike is starting to come over Galveston. Which means I have about 4 hours before things start getting really bad. I’m tired, and I’m going to bed now. Everyone stay safe, okay?

1:45AM: There is literally no point in me trying to sleep. Tree branches are breaking left and right and collapsing on my house.

1:55AM: Ike is turning out to be a huge letdown. They’re saying the worst is over for Galveston, or at least it appears that way. Granted, it’s dark and the power is out, so we have no idea how much damage has been caused, but I thought there would be trees and buildings and ships flying around. Geraldo getting hit in the face with a lawn chair was the highlight thus far.

2:19AM: The rain is coming in sideways now. I’m not going out there to take any more video.

2:30AM: Wind gusts coming in at close to 50mph now. Power is still on, which I cannot believe.


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  1. danielle says:

    Just hope you will be there tomorrow… I’m in Quebec… but for this night, I’m with you…

    Excuse my English, I was not a good student !

    Good luck !

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