T-Mobile G1? Yes, Please.

T-Mobile unveiled the first Google Android-powered phone today. It’s called the G1 (formerly the HTC Dream), and yes, I’ll be getting one. My contract with Sprint expires at the end of October, which is when the phone is being released (October 22nd), and the G1 is like a dream come true for me.

Everything I do online typically involves Google — from Gmail to Google Calendar to Google Docs, most everything I do (especially for work) uses Google software. So a phone that is tightly integrated with those services right out of the box is absolutely perfect for me. The G1 syncs with Gmail for contacts, Calendar, and Google Docs, and the sync is done wirelessly and automagically. If I update a contact in my Gmail, it will update on the phone, and if I add a to-do item on my Google Calendar, it syncs to the phone. It even uses Chrome for web browsing, which is great since Chrome is now my web browser of choice. And Gmail is pushed, which means no refreshing to check mail — new messages are automatically pushed to the phone.

Yes, it’s not as beautiful as the iPhone. Nothing is. But for someone who uses tons of Google software, this phone is absolutely perfect. I’ll bid goodbye to Sprint and jump back to T-Mobile for a chance to use this phone.

UPDATE: Walt Mossberg (the godfather of tech reviews) gives his impressions of the G1. He says it’s the first real competitor to the iPhone. Time Magazine has a good, if short, piece talking about the G1 as well.