The last two episodes of season 4 of House are two of the most brilliant, poignant and heart-wrenching hours of television I have ever seen.

I caught onto the House craze late, but have caught up to season five thanks to the magical help of Netflix. I can’t imagine the show getting any better than those two episodes, and I don’t really want to continue because I know that things are going to be weird. Weird for House and Wilson, weird for Thirteen, and weird for everyone else.

And it’s sad, too, because I hated Amber the first few episodes of the season, and when she died at the end I almost shed a tear. She was a fantastic character.


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  1. I agree.

    I just found out the other day that the director for the second to last episode, House’s Head, won an emmy for that episode. He’s also loosely related to Twitter through some kind of donation.

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