It’s Actually Good

I hate Nickelback. This hatred is mostly due to the fact that they’ve recycled their hit single over and over again. They hit upon a formula early in their career that gave them a monster single, and so they’ve replicated that with each album. In fact, they have three songs that are nearly identical in structure, melody and pace.

Imagine my surprise when I get today’s edition of The Lesfetz Letter and discover Bob Lesfetz praising the new Nickelback single. Bob is a great barometer for music, so I figured I’d give the tune a shot. After all, he’s the reason I discovered The Feeling, and they’ve since gone on to be one of my favorite bands.

The song is good. It’s really, really good actually. It sounds like nothing Nickelback have ever done. It’s danceable, it’s got a hook that drips with pop perfection, and the production job Mutt Lange did is amazing. This song just sounds good.

“Gotta Be Somebody” will be the biggest single of 2008. People who listen to rock or pop radio are going to eat it up. Go download it and see for yourself.