UFC 90: Quick Results

SEAN SHERK D. TYSON GRIFFIN: This one went to a decision as I expected, but it was also the fight of the night. Just an all-out brawl from the two guys I’d least expected it from, with tons of great striking. Sherk’s standup game has improved 5,000% since he was picked apart by BJ Penn earlier this year.

JUNIOR DE LOS SANTOS D. FABRICIO WERDUM: I predicted Santos would win this one, but I didn’t think it would happen like this. Santos knocked Werdum out in the first round with a fantastic uppercut. 

GRAY MAYNARD D. RICH CLEMENTI: This fight was boring.

THIAGO ALVES D. JOSH KOSCHECK: Thiago Alves picked Koscheck apart for all three rounds. Alves is scary good, and he’s definitely the top contender to St. Pierre’s belt. He might even give St. Pierre a run for his money. 

ANDERSON SILVA D. PATRICK COTE: This was the worst ending to a main event fight that I’ve ever seen. Cote did a little jump in the third round and immediately went down with a knee injury. The fight was stopped and Silva won by TKO.

I’m exhausted, but I did want to point something out before I crash. I’ve been reading stories from lots of folks about how great Cote was for taking Silva to the third round, where nobody else had taken him in the UFC. Cote even mentioned it after the fight. That’s asinine. Patrick Cote did not take Anderson Silva to the third round — Anderson Silva toyed with Patrick Cote for two rounds. He ALLOWED Cote to get to the third round. Cote never touched Silva, and the few times that Silva decided to take action, he drilled Cote with knees and punches. 

That being said, I am not sure why Silva decided to wait around. His legend has been built on finishing people, and he’s been built up as a killer. Tonight, that killer never got a chance to come out. Would Silva have finished him? Probably. But the fact that Cote made it to the third round doesn’t mean he deserves a rematch.