T-Mobile G1 Thoughts

I’ve had my G1 for a few days now, so I wanted to leave a few impressions. 

  • I really, really dig the UI. Obviously, it’s not as elegant as the iPhone, but it’s very nice and very functional. The screen looks fantastic and fonts are crystal clear and sharp. 
  • I love the OTA sync for Contacts and Google Calendar. I powered on the phone, entered in my Gmail account info and had all my contacts and events downloaded within 10 seconds. I’d gone through my phone and updated my Gmail contacts with all my numbers, and I set the phone to display only contacts with phone numbers entered. It even synced the photos I have for some of my contacts in Gmail to the phone for use as a caller image, including the Gmail pictures that my contacts had set for themselves on their own accounts. I wanted to add a caller image for my dad, so I went into Gmail Contacts on the computer, picked a photo in Gmail, cropped it in Gmail, and saved it. Within 3 seconds that image was my dad’s new caller image on my phone. I LOVE this — it might be my favorite feature of the phone. It makes managing a contact list soooo easy. 
  • I actually like the keyboard. There are plenty of people who have complained that you have to reach around the angled portion of the phone in order to type. Maybe it’s just the way I hold the phone, but it’s not even remotely an issue for me. The keys could be a LITTLE less flat, but I’ll get used to it. 
  • I haven’t really used the browser too much outside of going through the different sites that have iPhone versions (facebook, digg, etc), so I don’t have any comments on it yet. 
  • Android Market has plenty of apps so far, but I haven’t used that many. The Weather Channel app is very well done, but my favorite app by far (as I assumed it would be) is ShopSavvy. I can launch ShopSavvy, click scan to bring up the bar code scanner, scan the barcode and find the cheapest prices for that product both online and in local stores using the GPS. It works perfectly, is very fast and is very elegant in design. I can’t imagine that it would ever be an everyday app, but it’s fun. I also like the Pro Football Live app, though there are a few bugs in it. I haven’t downloaded the video player because I don’t really have a use for it, but the YouTube app is very fast and works well. 

Overall, I love the phone. I do like the iPhone a lot, but as I expected, for someone who does everything inside of Google software, this phone is a dream.


One thought on “T-Mobile G1 Thoughts

  1. What do you think of the battery life? In my opionion its the one thing that lets the G1 down!

    Less than a day is not acceptable is it…

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