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Recently Traveled

Here’s where I’ve been recently:

Dallas: Made this road trip for UFC 103 in September. I was busy the entire weekend and wasn’t able to do or see much. Besides, what is there to do in Dallas? Dallas sucks.

San Antonio: Another road trip, this time for a WEC event. I ended up doing a “Man vs. Food” tour, where I tried a 4 pound cinnamon roll and the Four Horsemen burger. The burger is covered with Ghost Chile peppers, the hottest pepper in the world, and it was ridiculous. Just a bad decision all around and one that I immediately regretted. There was a silver lining, however. My dad loves hot sauces. LOVES hot sauce, the hotter the better. I got home from San Antonio and immediately ordered him a bottle of Dave’s Private Reserve 2009, a limited-edition hot sauce made with pure ghost chile pepper extract.

The girls and I gave him the hot sauce the day before his birthday. Knowing my Dad like we do, we just KNEW he would take the hot sauce and pour a few drops on a cracker or chip to test it out. Sure enough, he did just that, despite our warnings. Everything looked fine for about five seconds, and then the heat kicked in. He turned red, started sweating and immediately went to the fridge to pour himself a large glass of milk. We finally found something hot enough to bother my dad, which I consider mission accomplished.

Los Angeles: Went here for UFC 104 in September. I met up with Anthony and had a great weekend. I’m not really a big fan of Los Angeles, but it’s certainly an interesting place. I stayed at a small (but really nice) hotel in Beverly Hills. Also saw Johnny Depp walking around by the Staples Center. Oh, and I saw the world’s largest “Thriller” dance, with thousands of people all made up like characters from the Michael Jackson video. That was fun.

Chicago: Just got back from this trip for Strikeforce. I like Chicago. It’s a nice town. I ate some great pizza, but didn’t do much else as I was busy all weekend.

Upcoming trips: Las Vegas (four times between now and January), Memphis, Virginia and San Jose.