Quick-Hitting New York City and San Diego

I’m off to New York City tomorrow morning – on an early flight, no less – for a company Christmas party on Thursday night. It’s a short trip, as we return on Friday afternoon. I haven’t been to NYC since last March, and I’m looking forward to it. New York is always one of my favorite places to visit, as long as I’m only visiting for a few days. Beyond 2-3 days, I start getting annoyed and want to leave as quickly as possible.

I’m hoping to visit the new Ground Zero memorial while I’m there. I went about four years ago and toured the 9/11 exhibit. It was a powerful and moving moment, one that I wasn’t fully prepared for. I suspect the new memorial experience will be the same, and it’ll be cool to see the new World Trade Center building even though really tall buildings terrify me.

I’m also hoping to see that giant Christmas tree you always see on TV and perhaps eat at Carmine’s because it’s the best place to eat in the entire world. If I lived near Carmine’s I’d be much fatter than I already am. There’s no better Italian food than Carmine’s.

I’ll post pictures from my trip when I return on Friday. On Saturday morning, Matt and I will make the drive to San Diego for the Strikeforce card before heading back on Sunday morning. Lots of traveling lately, and I’m loving every second of it. Well, almost every second. The time spent outside in the freezing weather of Toronto wasn’t all that enjoyable.