My (temporary) standing desk

This is the standing desk I’ll be using for the next month or so. I want to make sure that I’m going to be a long-term convert to the standing movement before I splurge for a more expensive and permanent desk.

But for the time being, this will work out swimmingly. It’s mobile and looks good and is sturdy, even though I put it together myself. And it’s strong enough to hold my 24″ monitor.

Today was my first real standing day. All work I had to do, including two stories written, was done standing. I walked around a bunch, too. I did notice an uptick in productivity, but also an uptick in ouch my aching legs and bum. But some of that is likely due to me stopping once an hour to do 30 air squats. In Fitbit news: I blew past my 10,000 step goal for the day about 7 hours earlier than I typically do. I’m currently at 16,000 steps, my highest mark ever.

In a month, if I’m still satisfied that this is my long-term working solution, I’ll look into buying a nicer desk. I’ll probably go with the Safco Muv, because that one is still under $300, but I’m also looking at desks that range from $700 to $1400. I doubt I spend that much in the end, especially since most of those more expensive desks are not mobile, and I want to remain mobile. So the Muv will most likely be my only decent option, unless I decide to go with the UpDesk, which I also like.

My new anti-fatigue mat came in today. I can’t wait to see what kind of difference it makes tomorrow. It feels…squishy.

Stay tuned. I’ll keep updating with my thoughts on my move to the standing work lifestyle.


My (temporary) standing desk