Three Weeks (ish) of Working Standing Up

So, I thought I’d check in with some thoughts on how standing up for work has affected me thus far.

The first few days were very tiring. I was able to work for roughly an hour before things in my body started hurting. After two hours, I had to sit down. I simply couldn’t do it.

That didn’t last long. I was slowly able to extend my standing time. Yesterday, Dec. 20, I stood for 5 hours. Almost consecutively, too. I didn’t really notice discomfort until 4 hours and 30 minutes or so in. So, progress.

I was 216.5 pounds when I started standing up for work. More importantly, I had 33.2% body fat, which is fat and gross by any measure. 

This morning, I’m 209.1 pounds and 29.4% body fat. Granted, standing up is not the only life change I’ve made. I’m also eating cleanly and I’m back in the gym and at Crossfit (at City Athletic Club, the nicest gym I’ve ever seen in my life. More on this at a later date).

I’ve also stopped drinking alcohol, and it’s funny about that, because I think that’s a life change that may stick around. For the most part, anyway. I’m still a giant beer nerd and will still want to try all the beers the cool kids try, but I know that I feel better overall when I’m not drinking than when I am. It’s like the recent time I had chips after not consuming grains for awhile. The next day, I felt lethargic and sick and just downright gross. So, no more chips, either. 

Anyway, back to standing: being back at Crossfit means I don’t need to stand up for 6 hours a day while working. But I’m going to keep doing it for at least three hours a day, starting when I first begin work each morning, because I feel like it gets my day off on the right foot. And I’ll keep standing up for work whenever I have to cover events from home. 

Now that I know it’s something I want to continue with, I’ll look into getting a Safco Muv in a few weeks, after the holidays.