New Part-Time Gig

I’ve looked into getting myself a part-time job for a few months now. Yes, extra money is good, but the main reason I started looking? Just getting out of the house a few days a week. Working as a full-time writer, from home, is a solitary experience. That’s doubly so these days for me. And so I’ve been putting in applications at all sorts of places: Starbucks, T.J. Maxx, Petco. As you can see, none of these places will make me rich, but it isn’t about that; it’s about getting out of this house for a few hours here and there. Socking away some extra money is an added bonus. 

As I said before, I’ve been putting in applications at random places. But then the most awesome thing happened: my old boss and friend, Matt Brown, offered me a gig working on a new fantasy sports show that kicks off this Sunday morning. Dave Farra is hosting. I’ll be doing production graphics for them, which is awesome because I know how to do that. And it’s great because they’re paying me a whole lot more than I would’ve made slinging frappucinos for four hours a day. Oh, and it’s superb because I get to reunite with two people I’ve worked with in the past and that I continue to hang out with. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (for a few hours each day) I’ll get to travel down to Fremont Street, hang out with friends and work. 

So, yeah. The past two weeks have been among the toughest weeks I’ve ever experienced. I have whined a lot. But the whining is over. From here on out, I have a single-minded focus on improving myself, on fixing myself and on chasing my dream. I move into my new place next month, and that’s something to be excited about and work for. I have so many things to work for, and I am working. 

When, not if.