HIIT 100’s

So, in an effort to kick things up a notch in terms of my daily training—my ultimate goal now, after all, is to be roughly 170-178 pounds with abs and visible hip flexors (don’t judge me. These are my goals, and I have valid reasons for them. I promise. Stop staring at me like that. You would understand if I told you)—I started Dr. Jim Stoppani’s famous HIIT 100’s program yesterday.

If you aren’t familiar with the program, here it is in a nutshell: Hell.

It’s designed around the concept of high intensity interval training. I already use HIIT in my running sessions; I’ll warm up, then walk for 2-3 minutes. When those 2-3 minutes are up, I sprint as fast as I can for 1 minute or 90 seconds. When those 90 seconds are up, I return to walking for 2-3 minutes. During my sprinting, my heart rate can hit 160, which is right on the edge of being anaerobic for me. But then I return to walking, and it goes back down to 130-135, which is still in the fat burning zone.

I’m not a fitness expert, but they tell me this is the best way to burn fat. And I can tell you that, looking at the “before” picture I took when I started training hard in early September to looking at the picture I took last week…well, the results are noticeable. A very close friend mine, when I sent her the picture, said “Holy jeebus. That’s a helluva difference.” And today, if I took the same picture again, you’d see an even greater difference. So I am a big believer in HIIT.

Which is why I’m shifting from Stronglifts to HIIT interval training in my strength training. I’m going to blast the rest of this fat off. I’ve lost 10% body fat since I began hardcore training. I have another 10% body fat to melt away before I hit my original goal of 15%. I don’t know if that’s still my ultimate goal – being roughly 12% sounds pretty good right now and would help me accomplish my abs and hip flexors goal. But right now, 15% is a good target.

So today is day 2. I’m excited to get to the gym. It’s easily one of the high points of every single day for me, and I find that it sets the tone for my whole day, even if I am sore as hell.