Ireland and Everton, Finally

Next month I’ll be traveling to Ireland for a story.

I’ll keep the details of the story under my hat for now. But needless to say, I’m thrilled to finally get the chance to visit Ireland. It is a place I’ve wanted to visit my entire life, and I’m very happy that I get to do so (and that the company is paying for it, to boot).

But here’s the best part: I’ll wrap up my reporting for that story on April 24th. Early April 25th, I’ll be taking a short (hopefully non-crappy RyanAir) flight to Liverpool. I’ll spend the day doing the Beatles tour and other things around the city. That night, I plan on meeting up with some of my Twitter followers for a few pints, as they say.

On Sunday morning, I’ll get up early. I’ll go to Goodison Park, home of my beloved Everton squad since the 1800’s. I’ll visit the official Everton store and buy some stuff. I’ll walk across the street to the iconic Everton pub The Winslow Hotel and have far too many pints. And then I’ll walk over to Goodison Park, hand them my ticket and walk inside to see Everton play Manchester United!


Needless to say, I’m thrilled about this trip. I didn’t know if I’d ever get to see Everton play at home, and now I do, and it’s happening in a month. I could not be more excited.