My Favorite Stories

This is a collection of my favorite stories that I’ve authored over the years.

The Cost: MMA’s Injury Epidemic and How the UFC Is Seeking to Fix It: I spent five months reporting on this story. It was a fascinating subject to dig into, and I did more interviews and research for this one than any story I’ve ever written.

Justin Wren: The Big Pygmy Returns: This one came out of nowhere, but it was such a pleasure to write. Wren is one of the best people in this sport. And the coolest part was getting feedback from former star of “The Office” Rainn Wilson.

Outrageous Conor McGregor: His Irish Roots and an Improbable American Dream: I went to Ireland in search of the real Conor McGregor. What I found was very interesting.

The Obsessions of Jon Jones: My second profile of Jones. This time, I spent a day with the light heavyweight champion in Albuquerque. It might be the best story I have ever written.

Miesha Tate: Barbie Dolls and Bloodshed – This is my first-ever dive into longform. It’s over 5,000 words, but I am so proud of this story. (Dec. 25, 2013)

Brian Stann Continues Life of Integrity By Leaving MMA Intact – Brian Stann’s decision to retire from MMA at 32 years old was yet another sign of the intelligence and humility that separated him from his peers. (July 2013)

The Lens: Behind the Scenes and off the Grid at UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz — At live events, I’m looking for stories that folks aren’t seeing. This is one I’m proud of.

Chael Sonnen’s UFC Middleweight Title Reign Gets Better Every Day — Chael P. Sonnen is the master of trash talking, and UFC 148 will be his crowning achievement…even if he doesn’t win the title.

The Spiritual Jon Jones – A look at the unique mindset of Jon Jones, an athlete often criticized for his outspoken spirituality in a sport defined by fighting in a cage. (, December 2012)

The Real Miguel Angel Torres – Miguel Torres has been a champion. He’s been known as one of the greatest fighters in the sport. Now, he’s just trying to work his way back to the top. (, November 2012)

Gilbert Melendez, The Last Man Standing – All Gilbert Melendez wants to do is go to the UFC and fight the best in the world. Instead, he’s forced to stay in Strikeforce and fight subpar competition. (, December 2012)

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