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Petruzelli/Slice Under Investigation

Franklin McNeil, who is generally viewed as an idiot by other members of the mixed martial arts media, has the scoop.

I truly don’t think anything official is going to come of it. Florida has already stated that they believe no wrong-doing occurred (even though it did), and they’re simply opening this investigation to get fans to stop calling and sending in official complaints (good job in getting that .pdf out there, Jared!). They’re not going to put any effort into this whatsoever.

It doesn’t matter. The damage has been done. When folks like Jim Rome start talking about you fixing fights, you’re going to be viewed as guilty. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t guilty in the least; people are going to assume that you are. And while seeing EliteXC as a company fold was something that would have given me a perverse pleasure before Seth Petruzelli “shocked the world”, now it’s just something that needs to happen. Companies that give mixed martial arts a bad name shouldn’t be allowed to do business.

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The Fight Was Fixed.

I couldn’t care less what Alexis Antonacci says: EliteXC paid Seth Petruzelli to keep his fight against Kimbo Slice standing, where Kimbo had a much greater chance of winning the fight. I know this to be true because I’ve been hearing it about Ken Shamrock for weeks now, that ProElite was basically paying Shamrock a large sum to keep the fight standing and box with Kimbo. Petruzelli confirmed in a Monday interview that ProElite told him they’d “make it worth his while” to keep the fight standing. ProElite likely put immediate pressure on Petruzelli and he retracted his statement, saying that his words were taken out of context.

These words were not taken out of context. I heard the interview myself, and there is no mistaking Petruzelli’s meaning. He was offered extra money to stand and box with Kimbo, which was perfectly fine with him. While forcing Ken Shamrock to stand and box would likely end up with Shamrock unconscious on the mat, Elite didn’t take into account that Petruzelli is a much better fighter than Slice.

So while this may not technically be “fixing a fight,” it most definitely is influencing a fight, and this kind of crap has to be dealt with. Mixed martial arts already has a tough time overcoming social obstacles, and a crooked company and a crooked commission will only serve to reverse the progress that Zuffa and the UFC have made over the years. This obviously needs to be looked into by an independent commission, because the idiots on the Florida boxing commission and CBS certainly won’t admit any fault.