I love my job.

I want to get more immersed in what I do, and there’s no reason I can’t. I have nothing but time, nothing but space and freedom to get better at what I do.

It’s time to stop being lazy. Not that I’m lazy in a general sense, but in a specific, mixed martial arts-related sense.

I’m not waiting for 2012 to start, because New Year’s resolutions are ripe for the breaking. I don’t think I’ve ever made a promise to myself on January 1st that I didn’t break by January 5th.

I’m telling you right now that 2012 is going to be a banner year for me personally, and a gigantic year for HeavyMMA. We’re going to continue doing things that nobody else can do, but I’m personally going to step my own game up and start producing the kind of stuff I wanted to produce back when I spent time poring over a Notepad file on my laptop instead of going to class like I was supposed to.

It’s time to change the game. Or, to keep changing the game.