Off to Montreal

Out of all the cities I’ve visited in my years covering MMA, I’d have to say that Montreal is my favorite. And it’s not even close, really.

The “old” part of Montreal is incredible, with businesses and entertainment spots dug out of the ground underneath very old cobblestone streets. It feels like what I imagine an old European town feels like.

I also love the food. Schwartz’s is this tiny hole in the wall place, but they’re world famous for their smoked meat (brisket) sandwiches. I’ve been to Montreal a handful of times, but it wasn’t until my last trip in November that I actually went to Schwartz’s. It was life-changing. Not really, but you get the point. It’s an incredible sandwich, and I’m pretty sure I’ll hit it up at least twice this week.

I’m headed back to Montreal today, and I’ll be there through Sunday. I’ll post blog entries and photos on here, for the 2-3 of you who are still reading this on a regular basis.