TB50 on Memeorandum

I guess I should consider it a good sign that it took me a long time to have this blog listed on Memeorandum, but The Blog 50 is already listed a mere 24 hours after launch.

I’m hoping that the Hall Of Fame gets a main link on Memeorandum, because it’d be good to get as many nominations as possible. We’re going to have a Hall Of Fame dinner, which I will either host in Houston, Austin or Dallas on May 6. Perhaps Brian or Alex would be interested in co-hosting this with me? We’ve already got Stormhoek lined up to send wine for the dinner, and we’ll try to line up a few more sponsors beforehand as well.

I’ll be meeting up with Brian at SXSW and Barcamp Austin as well. It’ll be my first Barcamp, and I’ll finally get to meet Tara, Joe, Brian and the rest of the fine folks I’ve been having conversations with for the past few months.